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  • Senator Hansen: Introduce Legislation Requiring Presidential Candidates to Provide Copies of Their Tax Returns
    (Madison)—State Senator Dave Hansen (D-Green Bay) and State Representative David Crowley (D-Milwaukee) announced today that they will introduce a bill to require all presidential candidates seeking to be placed on the primary or general election ballot in Wisconsin in 2020 to submit copies of their tax returns when filing their declaration of candidacy.
  • Senator Shilling: Lawmakers fear Wisconsin impact of ACA repeal
    MADISON – As a result of the Republican health care repeal, over 220,000 Wisconsin residents could lose their coverage and another 3.2 million individuals could see higher out-of-pocket costs. Numerous reports have indicated that seniors and rural families will be hit hardest by the federal changes which are being pushed through by Speaker Paul Ryan and President Donald Trump over the objections and concerns of health advocates and moderate lawmakers.
  • Voucher Operators will receive at least $1000 more per student than public schools
    MADISON – A new memo from the Legislative Fiscal Bureau shows that public schools and students continue to suffer while unaccountable voucher operators get first crack at taxpayer dollars. Payments to voucher operators under the Governor’s budget proposal would be at least $1000 higher per student than the average for public school students, legislative Democratic leaders pointed out.
  • Senator Erpenbach Column: More Accountability Needed for Taxpayer Funds at King Nursing Home
    Caring for our veterans is one of the most sacred duties we work to achieve as a state. We have been entrusted by the Federal government to care for elderly and disabled veterans and their spouses at our veteran nursing homes. These facilities should have the gold standard of care. Unfortunately, like many other operations of the state, infrastructure and maintenance delays and failures have affected the lives of those in our nursing homes, most notable at the Veterans Home at King.
  • Democrats Unveil Legislative Agenda
    MADISON, WI – Democratic lawmakers have announced a new, collaborative effort to promote fairness, opportunity, and community through a joint legislative agenda. Leaders and members from both the Senate and Assembly unveiled their Wisconsin Way Forward plan which highlights key Democratic values, innovative ideas, and proven solutions to support hardworking families.



Hello and welcome!

We all know that Wisconsin is a unique, vibrant and hardworking state full of amazing people and unparalleled potential, but we need a clearer plan to invest in our future and ensure long-term economic success. 

While our state has seen modest economic growth, too many workers remain unemployed, family wages are stagnant and our aging infrastructure is preventing many businesses from expanding. Additionally, Wisconsin’s $2.2 billion budget shortfall and the state’s fiscal uncertainty continues to present significant challenges. While our neighboring states are enjoying budget surpluses and reaping the benefits of the national economic recovery, Wisconsin communities, businesses and residents are already bracing for another round of difficult budget cuts and sacrifices.

As we seek to balance Wisconsin’s budget deficit and build a brighter future, my Senate Democratic colleagues and I are committed to focusing on the important issues at hand. We will put forward thoughtful proposals to improve workplace flexibility, increase economic freedom and invest in pro-growth policies to strengthen the middle class. We recognize that these aren’t Democratic or Republican issues. They’re Wisconsin issues and we must find ways to work together on these key priorities.

Senate Democrats will also look for ways to help businesses improve workplace productivity, reduce employee turnover and provide greater workplace flexibility. We want to focus on increasing access to affordable childcare and reducing health care costs in order to eliminate the barriers that prevent employers and employees from succeeding in a competitive global marketplace.

We also recognize that our government has a responsibility to strengthen communities and private enterprise by maintaining a strong public infrastructure. From repairing aging roads and bridges to encouraging broadband access in urban and rural areas, we need to ensure that our infrastructure is an asset, not a liability, to businesses growth and expansion.

By working together, I know that we can provide greater economic opportunity, prosperity and freedom for all to enjoy.

Thank you.
Jennifer K. Shilling
State Senator
Senate Democratic Leader