Spring 2018 Survey

General Questions

How do you think Wisconsin is doing as a state?

Should the minimum markup law, which uses government-determined prices for gas and goods, be repealed?

Since 2014, the average insurance premium in Wisconsin has skyrocketed by 83% and nearly 95% of Wisconsinites now have health insurance coverage. Do you believe it is the role of government to guarantee that all citizens have health insurance coverage?

The 2017-19 Budget included the highest level of funding for local road aids in 20 years, historically low levels of borrowing and completion of the core of the Zoo Interchange, all without raising taxes. What should the state do to fund transportation projects? Choose all that apply:

What is the closest to your views on gun ownership?

Please choose what best represents your position on abortion.

Which of the following most accurately represents your view on welfare programs?

Wisconsin is expected to have a surplus headed into the next budget. If there is a surplus, please indicate your top priority on how the money should be utilized.

Rank the Issues

Please rank the following state issues in order of importance to you. (1 being most important, 6 being least important)

Rate your elected officials

Please rate your elected officials on a scale of 1-5 (Rating system: 5=Very Satisfied; 4=Satisfied; 3=Somewhat Satisfied; 2=Dissatisfied; 1=Very Dissatisfied

Please enter your:

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