Democratic Leaders Announce Legislative Priorities

LA CROSSE – This morning in La Crosse, and communities across the state, legislative Democrats unveiled Forward Together, a list of priorities reflective to the needs of Wisconsin families, students, and seniors. As the legislature reconvenes for the fall floor period, Democrats continue to champion solutions to issues facing Wisconsinites, like rising health care costs, financial stability, and clean drinking water. Despite the persistent demand from Democratic lawmakers and residents, Republicans have opted for a lackluster agenda and to let the clock run out on the legislative calendar. Local elected leaders Senator Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse), Representative Jill Billings (D-La Crosse), and Representative Steve Doyle (D-Onalaska) released the following statements regarding the Democrats Forward Together agenda.

“We all know that Wisconsin is a unique, vibrant and hardworking state full of amazing people and unparalleled potential,” said Sen. Shilling. “Wisconsin Democrats believe in the promise of a brighter tomorrow by increasing access to affordable health care, strengthening schools, and expanding economic security for families and seniors. Despite Republican efforts to obstruct progress and do nothing for the remainder of the legislative session, Democrats remain focused on prioritizing the people of Wisconsin.”

“I’m working on issues facing our state and the daily lives of people in the Coulee region that reflect our values,” said Rep. Billings. “My priorities include controlling the price of prescription drugs, notifying the public of water quality issues, providing a safe harbor for kids, collaborating with our business community to encourage community development, and addressing the lack of access to childcare. I ask that Republicans join us in moving these issues forward.”

“We hear over and over from our educators that the biggest financial hurdle they face is funding for special education,” said Rep. Doyle. “We also have work to do to get rural schools their fair share, and ensure workforce development programs at our technical colleges are adequately funded. We have solutions to the current challenges faced by our K-12 schools, universities, and technical colleges.”


The full Forward Together priorities can be found here.