Shilling Statement on Gov. Walker’s Holmen Visit

After years of Republican tax breaks for millionaires, Governor Walker continues to tout his budget that underfunds local schools and unfairly shifts a greater burden onto local communities and taxpayers in Holmen, Wisconsin.


“Governor Walker and Legislative Republicans have turned a blind eye to the impacts their cuts have had on our local schools,” said Sen. Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse). “Too many districts like Holmen, have been forced to rely on referendums to simply keep doors open and classrooms up to date. It is disappointing that Gov. Walker seems more focused on re-election photo-ops at the expense of our students.”


“Local public schools are the heart of our communities and we need to make sure we are retaining quality teachers and meeting high education standards to expand economic opportunities for all students. Democrats are committed to fully restoring the historic cuts to our local schools and investing in our communities,” added Shilling.


According to a report from the Department of Instruction, Holmen taxpayers have voted on five referendums in the past three years and have lost $103,168 to private voucher school operators.