Mr. Humphries - Long on Blame, Short on Facts Recent voucher-convert John Humphries has been busy spending his days writing pieces for Right Wisconsin, retweeting voucher leaders, and creating conspiracy theories that school report cards are rigged. But here is the problem: the report card changes were proposed by Gov. Walker and passed by the Republican legislative majorities--not the Department of Public Instruction (DPI).
Statement from Senator Vinehout Related to Flooding in Buffalo County ... If you suffered property damage, take time to document the damage with photos. People should call their local insurance agent and dial 211 to report all damage. It is important to call and report all damage regardless of how minor.
Vinehout Calls for Corrections Audit “The Department of Corrections is facing severe difficulties that require our immediate response,” said State Senator Kathleen Vinehout (D-Alma).
Trying to Fix What They Broke says State Senator Vinehout “While the Governor talks about helping make college affordable and the importance of education, his feel good proposals do not undo the damage to higher education and our public schools.” Vinehout said.