Senate Bill Siphons Dollars from Local Schools and Ties Hands of School Boards “Every school would pay the price of charter school growth,” said Senator Kathleen Vinehout, who serves on the Senate Education Committee. “Dollar for dollar, state aid would be reduced to local schools to pay for charter school expansion statewide.
Keeping Safe Homes with Landline Phones State Senator Kathleen Vinehout and Representative Stephen Smith were joined today by members of AARP to advocate for a bill to restore consumer protections for Wisconsin residents at risk of losing their landline phone service
Senators Call for Public Hearing into Grant County Farmland Sale and Budget Provision to Allow Foreign Ownership of State’s Farmland “I am concerned that land prices will spike, cost will increase and new farmers will be priced out of farming,” said Senator Vinehout.
Citizens Invited to Comment on Budget Senator Kathleen Vinehout (D-Alma) is seeking citizen input on the proposed 2013-15 State Budget.
Sand Mines: Your Right to Know Madison- State Senator Kathleen Vinehout unveiled a package of five legislative proposals to protect local people’s right to know about sand mines and participate in local decisions to locate a mine.
Statement on Budget ...it appears public education is not getting its fair share, job training at our technical colleges is getting short changed, and roads and bridges are being paid for by borrowing and raiding money that would otherwise go to schools and universities...
Senator Vinehout: Help Small Business by Creating Wisconsin-based Affordable Health Insurance Exchange ... “What is surprising is the leaders of our state seem deaf to the number one concern of small business.”