Removing Wetland Protections Needs Serious Deliberation
“How can they possibly know what they are voting on?” she asked me. I replied there is no time to talk with people and learn the effects of these changes.
Moving Broadband Forward for Wisconsin
In a recent committee hearing, I argued majority lawmakers were moving broadband expansion forward by press release and little else.
Who is Working Under the Governor’s New “Wisconsin Works” Program?
“With more people working in Wisconsin…, we can’t afford to have anyone on the sidelines, we need everyone in the game,” stated Governor Walker, calling for a special session to take up bills he nicknamed, “Wisconsin Works for Everyone.”
Farmers Advocate for Agriculture and Rural Communities
Farmers from several western Wisconsin counties traveled to Madison as part of the annual Ag Day at the Capitol.
Kicking Us When We Are Down
The little girl walked home through the snow. She took the longer route. Mom asked her to stop at the store to buy milk. She touched the coupons and note. She couldn’t lose them. Mom was so sick with cancer.
Why Are My Property Taxes So High?
“I’m paying higher property taxes and I haven’t had a raise in years.” Sound familiar?
Looking Forward to 2018
Snow falls gently on the farm. It’s the light, fluffy snow that comes when it’s very cold.