Feature News

    • 11/14/2018
      Citizens Vote to Raise Property Taxes to Pay for Schools A little-told story from the recent election is the change happening across Wisconsin as citizens voted to increase their property taxes to pay for local schools.
    • 11/12/2018
      Menominee Nation Honored for Assisting Victims of Peshtigo Fire On October 8, 1871, an intense firestorm roared through the village of Peshtigo, Wisconsin and the surrounding area. The Great Peshtigo Fire burned parts of northeastern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan on the same night as the Chicago Fire, however there are little similarities between the two fires.
    • 10/31/2018
      What Does Foxconn Mean to Me? “Hard to wrap my head around,” the woman shared as she considered Foxconn. Just what do big budget decisions mean to us?
    • 10/23/2018
      WEDC: Facts Don’t Jibe with Rhetoric What happens to state money given to companies to create jobs? Do the jobs get created? How do we ensure the money is not misspent?
    • 10/16/2018
      Getting Ready to Vote “I talked with a group of women in Galesville,” my friend Mary Lee told me. “They were full of questions about the election, like when is it, where do I vote, how do I find out if I’m registered?” Mary is one of many folks helping to make sure people know and when to vote.
    • 10/10/2018
      Protecting Our Great Lakes Our Great Lakes hold twenty-one percent of all the world’s fresh surface water. Wisconsin has over 1,000 miles of Great Lakes shoreline. More than half our population lies within its watershed. The Lakes provide us with many opportunities for recreation, commerce, transportation, and...
    • 10/2/2018
      Legislative Audit Bureau: The Sentinels of State Government “As Governor, I would get rid of the programs that don’t work and fund the ones that do,” said a candidate at a forum last summer. I am sure people thought just how would you know that?
    • 9/25/2018
      Potato Disease, the UW and the Wisconsin Idea Late blight is a devastating potato and tomato disease that spreads quickly in late summer. It can wipe out a crop in just a few days. This disease caused the Irish Potato Famine of the 1840s which led to the starvation or relocation of millions of Irish, including my ancestors.
    • 9/17/2018
      Tribes and Lawmakers Meet to Resolve Issues “Can you fix Syria?” a woman asked me. “No,” I said as I shook my head. “Syria is a bit above my pay-grade. My international work [as State Senator] is limited to work with our Native Tribes.”
    • 9/11/2018
      New Study: Speed and Secrecy in Lawmaking “The length of time bills were deliberated [in the Wisconsin Legislature] dropped significantly soon after Gov. Scott Walker and Republican legislators took control in 2011,” wrote investigative reporter Teodor Teofilov.