Non-Partisan redistricting:  The Path to Fair and Competitive Elections

Redistricting is a process for drawing legislative districts that determine where people vote and who they are represented by in the Legislature and in Congress.  Our current law allows political parties to draw the lines giving the party in power the ability to draw them in a way that gives them unfair advantages in elections.

Non-partisan redistricting takes the politicians out of the process for drawing district lines to make sure elections for each legislative and congressional district are as fair and competitive as possible.

Polls show 72% of voters statewide support non-partisan redistricting.  Forty-eight counties have passed resolutions supporting our effort.  And in eight more counties voters approved referendums in support.  County Boards in 32 of the 33 State Senate districts and in 91 of the 99 Assembly districts have now passed resolutions in support of this non-partisan redistricting proposal, so support for ending partisan gerrymandering comes from all over the state -- in "red" counties as well as in "blue" counties.  


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