The High Cost of Insulin is a Growing Crisis

In 1999 the cost for one vial of insulin was $16.  Now it costs $340.  That’s nearly ten times the price in Canada,

The skyrocketing cost of insulin is a major crisis in Wisconsin and the United States. It’s literally a life or death situation for potentially thousands of Wisconsinites. It’s outrageous and unfortunately just the latest example of drug companies exploiting our most vulnerable citizens to increase their profits.

According to the American Diabetes Association, more than 30 million Americans have diabetes and approximately 7.4 million depend on insulin.  People with diabetes are at significant risk for serious complications including kidney failure, heart disease, stroke, blindness and lower-limb amputations.  People with diabetes who forego their insulin are at serious risk of death.

I have introduced legislation that, if passed, would cap the cost of insulin for patients.  It’s modeled after a new law in Colorado.  You can read the bill here.

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