Evers proposes a budget BY government, FOR government


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It was a pleasure meeting with and speaking to students and teachers from Hales Corners Elementary School during their State Capitol tour.

Reaction to Gov. Evers' Budget Address

Governor Evers gave his budget address last night where he detailed his priorities and spending plan for the next two years.

I cannot overstate how damaging his budget would be to the Wisconsin economy and to working families, if enacted.

I suspected Governor Evers would increase spending, but I was absolutely shocked at the level of spending he proposes. His budget would spend $84 Billion over the next two years. That is a nearly 10% spending increase and over $7 Billion in new government growth.

My colleagues and I had held out hope that Governor Evers would extend a willing hand to partner with the legislature for the good of the state.  Instead he loaded his budget proposal with inflammatory, liberal policies including driver’s licenses for illegal aliens, taxpayer funding for abortion providers, repeal of right to work, and reinstatement of prevailing wage.  

On top of that, Governor Evers wants to create over 700 new government positions to further grow the bureaucracy!

Make no mistake… this is a budget BY government, FOR government. It is a Madison liberal’s dream.

Rest assured, despite Governor Evers’ highly-partisan efforts to grow government and increase the fiscal commitment of taxpayers, Republican legislative majorities will continue to govern responsibly by maintaining the successes of the last eight years.

Over the next several weeks we will continue to unpack and examine Governor Evers' budget to find other items of note which I will share with you. The bottom line is, this budget is estimated to increase taxes and fees by $1,000 for every man, woman, and child in the state.


Gov. Evers' Budget Lowlights
  • Increases spending by $7 Billion over last budget
  • Creates over 700 new state government positions
  • Gives government workers automatic pay increases
  • Increases taxes on small and medium sized business
  • Automatic property tax increases of 2% per year
  • Raises the gas tax by 8 cents per gallon
  • Increases vehicle registration fees
  • Hires 36 new tax collectors
  • Freezes the School Choice program
  • Creates “Green New Deal"-style Office of Sustainability and Clean Energy to create and enforce carbon standards on citizens and businesses
  • Gives Identification Cards (IDs) to illegal aliens
  • Reverses many good government, cost-saving reforms recently passed like Right to Work and the repeal of Prevailing Wage 
  • Provides funding to Planned Parenthood
  • More to uncover...