E-Update: October 20, 2017 

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Senator Craig's Zero-Based Budgeting Legislation Passed by Committee

Sen. Craig testifies with Rep. Hutton on zero-based budgeting before the Assembly on State Affairs. Click the picture to watch the Hearing.

Dear Friends,

Earlier this week, the Senate Committee on Government Operations voted to recommend my legislation on zero-based budgeting be adopted by the entire Senate. Zero-based budgeting would require state government to justify all spending within the base budget of each agency and would help combat the continual increase in spending by our state government.

Under the current budget process, legislators primarily debate adjustments to spending increases for each agency and never discuss the justification to the original base budget of the agency. It is my intention that state agencies must continually reexamine whether programming and dollars are meeting the mission statement of the agency. This legislation will assist lawmakers in better gauging whether taxpayer dollars are being spent judiciously.

In 2002, Republicans amended the budget to include this base budget review. However, in 2009, Governor Doyle and the Democratic Legislature repealed this good-government law. President Ronald Reagan once said, “No government ever voluntarily reduces itself in size. Government programs, once launched, never disappear. Actually, a government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we’ll ever see on this earth!” After serving in office in Madison, I concur with President Reagan.

I believe it is necessary for each state agency to justify their spending to the Legislature. We need all information on government spending in order to more proactively protect your tax dollars. Further, the bill requires state agencies to identify their agency mission and make sure that their programs are in line with their mission statement. Finally, the bill requires agencies to identify for each program the minimum funds to achieve their objective, as well as the current level of funding and an enhanced level of funding to achieve their objective. I look forward to this legislation moving forward to enable better stewardship of government funds in Madison. You can find all information on the legislation here.

Sen. Craig testifies before the Senate Committee on zero-based budgeting. Click the picture to watch the Hearing and go to the 32:30 mark to watch testimony on zero based budgeting.

Deer Hunting Information

With Gun Deer Season on the way and scheduled to start on November 18th. I wanted to share all the information from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources regarding the upcoming season. If you have any additional questions about deer season do not hesitate to contact my office. Stay safe and best wishes hunting!


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