Funding Elections Commission Staff Ensures Secure and Efficient Elections
To make our elections run securely and accurately, we need to repair the damage to the Wisconsin Elections Commission caused by Governor Walker’s veto last month, which removed five necessary staff from the Commission.
Statewide Tour Promoting Medical Marijuana Bills
Madison – Representative Chris Taylor, Senator Jon Erpenbach and advocates will make a statewide media tour seeking Legislative action on Senate Bill 38/Assembly Bill 75 which would allow patients access to medical cannabis with a doctor’s recommendation. The bills were introduced in February of this year and have had no action in Legislative Committees...
Joint Finance Democrats' Letter to WEDC Secretary Hogan regarding Foxconn
...This $3 billion agreement is unprecedented and deserves the scrutiny of the members of the Wisconsin Legislature’s budget committee. During the Joint Finance Committee’s public hearing on the Foxconn proposal, the answer you provided to questions from elected officials from both parties was, “it will be worked out in the contract.” We all anxiously await answers to our inquiries on behalf of the taxpayers of the state...
Respect Women Act Restores Women’s Medical Rights
Representative Chris Taylor (D- Madison) and Senator Jon Erpenbach (D- Middleton) announced the Respect Women Act, a collection of three bills that restores the patient/doctor relationship in Wisconsin and protects women’s access to health care without harassment, intimidation or violence.
27th SD Bluffview Sanitary District Gets Reprieve in JFC Final Motion
Senator Jon Erpenbach expressed relief for Bluffview Sanitary district following Joint Committee on Finance final action which extended the Clean Water Hardship Fund for programs in progress. Governor Walker’s budget would have eliminated the program immediately after passage of the budget and erased Bluffviews prospects in the program.
Statement on the partisan passage of the Republican Transportation budget
“After a long summer wait for someone, anyone, in the Republican party to step up to help find a long term solution for our crippling transportation infrastructure system we have this budget. More borrowing. More delays. More roads that are dangerous...
Statement on the partisan passage of the FOXCONN deal out of the Joint Committee on Finance
“I would love to support a proposal to help create 13,000 new jobs in Wisconsin but I cannot give away our water, wetlands and environment to get there...
Possible Failure for a Successful Program: Historic Tax Credits
In my opinion the Historic Tax Credit is the most successful rural and small town economic development program administered by Governor Walker’s Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC). As the Legislature considers venturing into the great unknown on high tech manufacturing with checks from our taxpayers for 15 years, that same Republican majority is planning to cap the Historic Tax Credit program.
Statement on public education action today in Joint Committee in Finance
“The education proposal adopted by Legislative Republicans cuts $18.1 million from school sparsity aid, reroutes additional funding to private voucher schools that do not have performance and accountability measures and caps 2018-19 general school aid at a lower funding level than 2010-11. You simply cannot argue these facts.”
Wisconsin First, Not Washington: Protection From Trump and the GOP Congress
As the U.S. Senate moves swiftly and quietly to kick 23 million citizens in this country off of existing private market health care, we have to ask ourselves what will be left in Wisconsin when Congress is done?
Today, Wisconsin State Senators Jon Erpenbach (D – Middleton) and LaTonya Johnson (D – Milwaukee) – the Democratic members on the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services – released the following statement regarding Governor Walker’s official plea to the Trump Administration to make life-altering changes to healthcare for lower-income Wisconsinites...
Joint Finance Democrats Propose Allowing Wisconsin Residents to Refinance Student Loan Debt
Madison – Today, Democrats on the Joint Committee on Finance proposed that Wisconsin residents be able to refinance student loan debt. The proposal would allow Wisconsin residents to refinance their student loan debt at a lower interest rate through an independent state refinancing authority...
JFC Democrats Vote to Improve Veterans Home at King, Long Term Solution for Veterans Trust Fund
Madison – State Senator Jon Erpenbach and his Democratic Colleagues on the state budget committee offered motions today in the committee to fully fund the Veterans Trust Fund for the future, make permanent facility and staffing improvements at veterans nursing homes, increase access to mental health treatment for veterans, and provide local grants to prevent veteran homelessness...
Statement on passage of the HOPE agenda
“Today we reached some of our communities with the HOPE agenda to battle the opioid crisis, but Republicans took a pass on reaching everyone...
Almost Sunrise Film Screened at Wisconsin State Capitol
Madison – Almost Sunrise, a feature length documentary film featuring two Wisconsin Veterans from Milwaukee, will be screened in the Wisconsin State Capitol Monday, April 24th at 2pm in room 411 South. Following the screening Anthony Anderson, featured in the film, will discuss the movie and answer questions. Invited are members of the Legislature, Legislative Service agencies, staff, media, local veterans and the public...
MADISON – A new memo from the Legislative Fiscal Bureau shows that public schools and students continue to suffer while unaccountable voucher operators get first crack at taxpayer dollars....
More Accountability Needed for Taxpayer Funds at King Nursing Home
Caring for our veterans is one of the most sacred duties we work to achieve as a state. We have been entrusted by the Federal government to care for elderly and disabled veterans and their spouses at our veteran nursing homes...
International Women’s Day March 8th, 2017
Women all over the world will be recognized for their commitments to our society and for the inequities they face during International Women’s Day 2017. While women in Wisconsin don’t face some of the challenges women in developing countries face, they still encounter in their lifetimes inequities and tragedies simply because of their gender...
Seasonal Unemployment Changes Hurting Businesses and Communities
One thing you can always count on in Wisconsin is winter. Winter will come and with it for some businesses and employees a time when work simply cannot be done because of the weather. Recognizing that seasonal unemployment is different than getting fired from a job, Wisconsin law has allowed businesses to place a “winter hold” on their employees when the weather makes working impossible...
Statement on Governor Walker’s state budget address
“Governor Walker has built his budget on phantom funds leaving all of the tough decisions to the Legislature while he works for his reelection. This is truly disappointing leadership...
Erpenbach and Taylor: Let the Public Decide on Medical Marijuana
Today, Sen. Jon Erpenbach (D-Middleton) and Rep. Chris Taylor (D-Madison) introduced two pieces of medical marijuana legislation… - the Compassionate Cannabis Care Act and legislation that would authorize a non-binding statewide referendum on legalizing medical marijuana…
Republican Manufacturing and Agriculture Tax Credit costing millions more than expected – benefits just a few of the state’s wealthiest individuals
“Updated numbers show that $22 million of the Manufacturing and Agriculture Tax Credit created by Legislative Republicans is being given to just 11 millionaires in Wisconsin...
Response to Governor Walker’s State of the State
“Wisconsin is not better off than we were six years ago. Our roads and bridges are unsafe. The transportation budget has a $1 billion dollar deficit. Governor Walker’s Wisconsin has trailed the national average in 12 month job creation for the 20th consecutive quarter...
Erpenbach and Considine Announce Listening Sessions
Madison – Senator Jon Erpenbach and Representative Dave Considine will be conducting listening sessions on Saturdays this January and February...
Erpenbach 2017-2018 Legislative Session Committee Appointments Announced
“...The Republican agenda of deep cuts public schools favoring instead private schools with no measures of accountability, tax breaks that gave 11 millionaires over $21 million in tax cuts this year alone, and a continued credit card financing of roads rather than a long term funding solution needs an opposition…