Senate Scholar Program Now Accepting Applications The Senate Scholar Program is a week-long educational program offered by the Wisconsin State Senate that provides high school students with a hands-on, up-close view of the Legislature’s role in our democracy
Walker Policy to Cost WI Taxpayers $1.07 Billion in Next Six Years Wisconsin can do better for our citizens and taxpayers, was the message from Senator Jon Erpenbach (D-Middleton) today as he renewed his call for Governor Walker to accept Wisconsin’s fair share of Federal funds for Medicaid.
Patients Reproductive Health Care Act Announced “… we have seen Republicans… pass, and sign into law several bills that interfere with the doctor-patient relationship. The goal of our legislation is to ensure that all patients in Wisconsin have access to comprehensive, evidence-based health care
Statement on passage of dismantling of GAB and campaign finance deform bills Republicans have dismantled a transparent and accountable Legislature. In a week when thousands of people have lost their jobs… The State Senate was called into “extraordinary” session…not to help anyone find a job, but to help Republicans keep their jobs
Statement on the closing of Oscar Mayer in Madison “I am devastated for the hard working men and women of the greater Madison area that have given their professional lives to Oscar Meyer. The effect of this plant closing on the people and economy of Dane County will be felt for years to come
Sen. Erpenbach And Rep. Hintz Unveil Bill Targeting Mental Health Gap For Veterans Most In Need “As legislators, it is our job to make sure Wisconsin is nimble and fearless as we work in serving our veterans, just like veterans have been for us
Statement on Republican John Doe bill in the Senate … Republicans are making it harder to investigate bribery of a public officer or employee. Republicans are making it harder to prosecute misconduct in office when politicians abuse their power
Statement on vote in Senate Health and Human Services committee affecting biomedical research Today the Republicans on the Senate Health and Human Services Committee voted to ban significant lifesaving biomedical research in Wisconsin
Statement on the death of constituent and change agent for working families Marty Beil “Marty Beil lived his life working to improve the lives of public employees all over Wisconsin
Statement on Health and Human Services Committee Meeting ... My message to the majority: take a day and actually talk to real people in this state, not just those that attend your fundraisers, this is not the priority of the people of Wisconsin
Erpenbach reacts to Governor Walker plan to repeal health care coverage for 16 million Americans, 200,000 from Wisconsin “The last person this country needs in charge of access to affordable health care is someone who just doesn’t get it
Statement on the passage of the 2015-2017 Wisconsin State Budget in the Senate The problem with this budget was never a lack of cash. From day one, the problem has been that this budget is all about presidential politics and not about the priorities of the people of this state
Joint Committee on Finance final motion, the “999” motion ...Legislators, local governments, every entity that keeps open records will have unprecedented ability to limits access to records that belong to the public
Statement on open records changes included in final JFC budget motion ...democracy cannot work without transparency. Creating exemptions in open records laws in the dark of the night is the biggest mistake Republicans could ever make
Statement on decision of the Supreme Court of the Unites States on the legality of tax credits to low income households enrolled in the Affordable Care Act The decision of the US Supreme Court is uplifting and reinforces the balance of powers created by our founding fathers... Thousands of families in Wisconsin will not lose the tax credits that help them afford their health insurance coverage
Statement on Governor Walker’s continued absence and the resulting infighting between Legislative Republicans ... The GOP throw down also underscores the real problem: The continued absence of a Governor in Wisconsin. Governor Walker’s failed and absent leadership is the root cause of unnecessary delay for this budget
As Crisis Budget Deepens, Republicans Unable to Govern … While Republican leadership collapses over disagreements over backroom deals and giveaways to the wealthy, Governor Scott Walker is nowhere to be found as he travels outside of the state promoting his presidential bid.
Statement on the passage of Senate Bill 179 – Abortion Ban Women and families in Wisconsin facing difficult decisions have had their health and lives put on the line with the passage of the dangerous abortion ban authored by Senator Lazich
Statement on Senate Health and Human Services Committee Abortion Ban Vote Today, it was confirmed that not only are Senate Republicans advancing a dangerous piece of legislation, they have no idea what’s in it
Statement on SB 179/AB 237 Abortion Ban Every single person, on these committees and in this Legislature, should recognize that these decisions should be made by a woman, her family, and her doctor, not by me, not by any politician
Erpenbach to GOP –Anything Less Than Removal is a Failure Governor Walker’s Plan to Give WI Long Term Care to Out of State For Profit Insurance, Up Today
Dismantling K-12 Education in Wisconsin A summary of the Republican’s 29-page education omnibus motion
JFC DEMS: Republicans Make $360 Million Mistake Madison – Democratic members of the Joint Committee on Finance once again called on Republicans to accept federal funds in Wisconsin even though that action would buck Governor Walker’s Presidential plans
DEMOCRATS PROPOSE MILLIONS IN K-12 PUBLIC SCHOOL FUNDING WHILE REPUBLICANS THROW SCRAPS … Democrats anticipate that their plan will provide significantly more money than any Republican proposal for our K-12 public schools while using existing state resources
Statement on Republican’s 29 page education omnibus motion We tried to make the Republican plans for public and private schools better but they remain committed to listening to private school special interests over parents, teachers and public school advocates
Erpenbach Motion to Require Audit of DOA Info Tech Funds “Department of Administration had $11.9 million surplus spending last year in their main IT fund yet Governor Walker asked for more money and we are voting today to give them more money for next year. There needs to be some accountability here
Erpenbach Motion in Finance to Support WI Cancer Reporting System Cancer survivors and advocacy groups believed the funds for the statistical reporting center would be a part of Governor Walker’s budget, but the funding was not included
Statement on passage of his amendment in Joint Committee on Finance to increase District Attorney’s positions in Pepin and Buffalo County to full time which passed the Joint Committee on Finance today “When Senator Tiffany put forth a motion to make the District Attorney in Florence County full time because of conflicts of interest that often hinder the DA’s job in that county, I wondered what other counties did not have full time District Attorneys
Erpenbach bill to prohibit DOC from setting costly overtime policies "The DOC is set to roll out a policy that will cost the taxpayers of Wisconsin an undetermined amount of money while further eroding the morale of corrections officers. This bill would put the brakes on those plans,” said Erpenbach.
Leave IRIS Alone Eliminating today's IRIS and moving to a medical managed care model is wrong for Wisconsin's Elderly and Disabled
Day Three of GOP Budget Crisis Briefings Risky mergers and irresponsible borrowing dominate agenda
Erpenbach Questions $345 Million in Giveaway of Fed Funds “…How can we continue to justify giving our taxpayer money to other states when here in Wisconsin we face a $2.2 billion deficit? Maybe we should be “bold thinkers” for our taxpayers…” said Senator Erpenbach
Day Two of GOP Budget Crisis Briefings "…Gov. Walker’s budget makes the wrong choices. Instead of investing in our schools and growing our economy through expanded worker training opportunities, Republicans choose to cut and borrow their way through the $2.2 billion budget crisis they created
Agency testimony begins on Gov. Walker’s $2.2 billion deficit plan Speakers on Monday include top officials from the Department of Administration, the Department of Corrections, the Supreme Court and the Department of Justice
Insufficient Staffing and Forced Overtime at Correctional Institutions “I hear every day from front line corrections officers that when they walk in the door at the beginning of their shift they are told they will be working forced overtime that day, or even worse they find out three hours before they are scheduled to leave
Democrats call for more public hearings on budget Senator Jon Erpenbach (D-Middleton), Senator Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee), Representative Gordon Hintz (D-Oshkosh) and Representative Chris Taylor (D-Madison) sent a letter to the co-chairs of the Joint Committee on Finance asking for more hearings
Statement on Governor Walker budget “Governor Walker’s national political ambitions appear to be a distraction from his responsibilities here in Wisconsin
2015 Budget Listening Sessions Announced ...The listening sessions will help the local Legislators with a dialog of concerns and support for specific budget proposals as well as an opportunity for citizens to relay their state budget priorities
Erpenbach Sworn in as State Senator “It was an honor to be re-elected to serve the people of the 27th Senate District and I look forward to a busy session. With a budget deficit of $2.2 billion, getting our fiscal house in order will be the highest priority