Senator Erpenbach Offers End of Year Senate Democratic Radio Message He focused on the challenges ahead because of Wisconsin’s $2.2 billion budget deficit and the need to work together for solutions to do what is best for all of the people of Wisconsin.
Statement on the $1.8 billion structural deficit Governor Walker tore the people of this state apart using a "financial crisis" as an excuse to justify policies that were questionable at best. As a result, our structural deficit has blown up to $1.8 billion
Gov. Walker’s health care scheme costs taxpayers nearly $100 million more than previously estimated “Governor Walker’s purely political decision is costing Wisconsin taxpayers $206 million in savings, has taken health care from 87,000 people and wasted our opportunity for over 10,000 new jobs
Statement regarding Wisconsin Grants Waitlists for UW System and Wisconsin Technical Colleges Students ​If you need a job you might have to go back to school to be able to find one. Unfortunately, significantly underfunded Wisconsin Grants (formerly WHEG Grants) was THE barrier for over 40,000 potential students last year
Statement on Appeals Decision in MacIver Lawsuit The only true job of an elected official is to defend the Constitutional Rights of the people they were elected to represent
Statement on Speaker Voss stall on Cancer Patient Treatment Act and Lack of Position from Governor Walker “There is strong bi-partisan support in the Assembly for Senate Bill 300, the oral chemotherapy bill, without amendment. Pretending like a compromise is needed is ridiculous