“Obviously I am elated and believe that justice has been well served. Republican front group the MacIver Institute requested and received over 26,000 constituent records from the Act 10 time period. They got what they asked for – all communications. By legally applying the balancing test, the recommendation to redact personally identifiable information was followed. The Honorable Robert P. Van De Hey, Circuit Judge Branch 1 in Grant County agreed. This case was about the Republican front group the MacIver Institute and their conservative financiers on a personal witch hunt against citizens who simply exercised their constitutional right to petition elected officials. Public employees in particular were targeted in this lawsuit just like they were in the Act 10 fight and I am happy that the Republican front group MacIver Institute did not succeed in retaliation against citizens of this state. In the end, all open records laws were followed, yet the Republican front group the MacIver Institute cost taxpayers nearly $140,000; it is too bad we can’t get that money back for the state.”