“The war on women continued today when Senate Republicans levied an unfunded mandate on Wisconsin women, requiring a medical procedure be performed, while simultaneously rejecting the healthcare coverage to pay for it. We cannot seem to take federal money to provide basic health care for women, but Republicans can require one more unnecessary medical procedure women have to pay for out of pocket. There seems to be no end to the Republican interest in the reproductive bodies of women. Just no interest in helping find health insurance for pregnant women or women who don’t want to get pregnant. This bill is chuck full of hypocrisy; insurance mandates which Republicans have always opposed, government interference in private lives (don’t tread on me!), increasing lawsuits for physicians without a cap on damages, limiting access to abortions while eliminating accurate sex ed in schools. It’s ridiculous.”

NOTE: This bill did not receive a third and final reading on the Senate floor. While it did not receive a final vote on the floor, that is a technicality and the bill will pass on the next regular day of Senate business.