January 3, 2011


Statement on Governor Walker’s Decision to allow AG Van Hollen to Join Lawsuit Against Landmark Health Care Reform Bill

“On his first day in office Governor Walker has chosen to allow our Attorney General to spend taxpayer dollars on a politically-motivated lawsuit.  I don’t know why the Governor would want to make a political statement at the expense of Wisconsin citizens.  He is simply saying that he favors rolling back some very popular, very important gains in health insurance reform—the elimination of pre-existing conditions for kids, removing lifetime caps on benefits, and covering adult children until the age of 26.  The fact of the matter is that the AGs who have joined this lawsuit are looking to the courts to win a battle they lost in Congress.”

“Governor Walker has enjoyed ‘government-run’ health care benefits for the duration of his time in office as a State Legislator, and as a County Executive.  The high cost of health insurance has been holding back businesses in Wisconsin-large and small. On the very day he declared Wisconsin open for business, in joining this lawsuit he showed that he also supported preventing those very same businesses from getting the help they need to provide health care benefits to their employees.”