Recent News

    • 4/16/2018
      Cable TIF Bill Signed Into Law Early last year, the group approached us to fill us in on their plans and asked for our help in drafting and passing legislation that that would allow the Town of Cable to create a tax incremental district (TIF). We were happy to work with them to get the bill passed.
    • 3/2/2018
      Life Is Grand Having a child is a bet on the future. Bringing a new life into the world is a statement that you believe that that tomorrow will be a better day, that there are things to learn, experiences to share, that love and hard work will pay off.
    • 2/26/2018
      The Way It Ought To Be It doesn’t happen often enough at the State Capitol, but it did this week. For at least one bill on one day, the legislative process worked the way that it is supposed to, the way that 4th graders across the state are told it works when they study Wisconsin Government.