Recent News

    • 2/20/2019
      Neither Snow nor Rain . . . Deter Northern Wisconsin Residents I was especially proud of the incredible turnout for the annual “Superior Days” lobbying effort that was held in Madison this week. Once again the Capitol was filled with concerned citizens from Douglas, Bayfield, Ashland, and Iron Counties, advocating for local communities in Northern Wisconsin.
    • 1/3/2019
      Time To Turn The Corner Unfortunately, as we turn the corner into a new session, lame duck bills adopted last month were designed to saddle our state with a troubled and largely failed agency -- the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) -- for months or even years to come.
    • 10/3/2018
      Celebrating the Cooperative Spirit in Wisconsin In Northern Wisconsin, cooperatives have been a vibrant part of our community for over a hundred years, demonstrating what we can do when we work together. That’s something worth celebrating!