Wirch Responds to Assembly Republicans’ Unemployment Band-Aid Proposal

Kenosha – State Senator Bob Wirch (D-Somers) issued the following statement in response to Assembly Republicans temporary unemployment fix:

“I completely understand the urgency of this issue.  Since the start of the pandemic, my office has gotten hundreds of calls from constituents desperate for help, waiting for their unemployment benefits to come through. Something does need to be done. The Republican plan, though, is just a band-aid.  Implementing a brand new loan program takes time and manpower, two resources that could be better used working through unresolved UI claims.  In the bigger picture, we need to find a long-term solution to our broken UI system.  This crisis was unprecedented and unexpected, but there will be others, and we need to fix the system now so this doesn’t happen again. If the Republicans want to do something, I suggest they start there.”