WISCONSIN ROAD DETERIORATION ...What is simple and undeniable is the fact that our state faces a transportation funding crisis that’s been brewing for several years and continues to get worse.


Wirch Co-Sponsors Student Debt Relief Bill “This is a common-sense, state-level solution will alleviate some of the financial pressures faced by those with student loan debt. Student loan debt is a real drag on our economy; it prevents people from buying cars, buying homes, taking vacations, spending in our local shops,” said Wirch.
Wirch Again Targets Wage Theft “With so many Wisconsin families living paycheck to paycheck, it is time we address this issue, the theft of hard-earned wages from our hard-working friends and neighbors. It’s a crime that affects all of us, as workers, as consumers, and as taxpayers, and this legislation is an important step forward,” Wirch said.
In Light of New Info, Wirch Renews Calls for Suspension of Tax Credit for the Ultra-Rich “Fiscal Bureau’s memo showing that this tax credit will have cost $804 million more than projected by 2019 and Audit Bureau’s shocking report on the serious financial problems facing the transportation budget have just strengthened my belief that we need to at least suspend the Manufacturing and Ag Tax Credit for the next two years. That would provide more than $600 million in increased revenue that we critically need right now,” Wirch said.
Wirch to Tackle Fraud Against Seniors “We hear about this all the time. Whether it’s the ‘Grandparent Scam’, which has become so prevalent, or fraudsters claiming to be from the IRS or Medicare, the news is full of stories where seniors were preyed on,” Wirch said.


Wirch Slams Republican Attack on Bray Center “Today’s action by the Finance Committee to single out the Bray Center, stripping them of vital funding for important programs to keep kids out of trouble, is politics at its worst


AT&T Announces $5,000 Innovation Award to Support Kenosha Chamber’s BEPP Program The goal of the program is to connect up to 100 Kenosha County 9th graders with institutions of higher learning and local manufacturing businesses to provide them with experiences and information as they think about education and career plans
Outsourcing and Privatization at UW-Superior Continues a Troubling Trend Twenty-four union workers were laid off as a result, and most had been working at the school for ten years or more
The Voters Have Spoken. It’s Time to Raise the Minimum Wage. While the recent election didn't go the way I and many others had hoped, there is one result that I was particularly happy to see. Voters across the state, and in fact across the country, spoke loud and clear that it is time to raise the minimum wage
Wirch Accepts “Ice Bucket Challenge” with Donation to Fight ALS “...The Ice Bucket Challenge has brought greater awareness of the disease, and I am happy to make a donation to MDA of Southeastern Wisconsin to continue their work to find a cure,” Wirch said.
Wirch Calls Out Walker, WEDC for Awards to Companies Outsourcing Jobs “WEDC is supposed to be providing these resources – taxpayer money – to help businesses creating jobs here in Wisconsin. Instead, it has rewarded companies who outsourced hundreds of Wisconsin workers’ jobs
Wirch, Ohnstad to Author Legislation Curbing Use of Harmful Microbeads “These products with microbeads are fairly new to the market, but we have quickly seen the negative impact that they are having on out natural resources. There are millions of these things in Lake Michigan alone
Two Wirch Bills Become Law “I am proud to author these two important pieces of legislation and even prouder to see them become law. My colleagues and I worked across the aisle to make that happen
Wirch Bill Offering New Treatment for Seizures Passes Senate Today, the Wisconsin State Senate overwhelmingly approved legislation, authored by Senator Bob Wirch (D-Somers), that gives hope to Wisconsinites suffering from debilitating seizures
Kenosha legislative delegation statement on special interest involvement on local school board races We are alarmed to see that a national organization with no ties to our community, Americans for Prosperity, funded by out of state billionaires with extreme views, has come into our community to try and influence our local school board elections
Senator Wirch Urges Public to Sign Petition for Veterans “We need to send a message to Governor Walker that our veterans come before irresponsible corporations,” Wirch said
Wirch Urges Republican Majority to Vote on Oral Chemotherapy Bill “Once again, the Republican majority is putting politics and corporate profits ahead of the good of their constituents. There is simply no good reason that this bill isn’t getting a vote in the Senate,” Wirch said


Wirch Applauds Bipartisan Support for Casino Project This project is important to the people of Kenosha and Racine, and this is clear by the bipartisan support that it has received
Wirch Calls for Veto of Bail Bond Budget Provision “… The decision about whether an accused person is a public safety or flight risk and should go free needs to be left in the hands of judges, not some private business whose goal is to make a profit
Wirch Co-Sponsors Independent Redistricting Plan “Redistricting should be fair and in the best interest of the people of Wisconsin, not in the best interest of the politicians... We must make redistricting about the voters and population shifts, and not political gain
Wirch Recognizes Equal Pay Day It’s a time to recognize that, even though women in the workplace have made great strides, there is still a long way to go. Pay discrimination is still a very real problem that needs to be addressed