Lawmakers react to Gov. Tony Evers State of the State speech


Governor Tony Evers hit on many topics with a priority of fixing the economy during his State of State address on Tuesday.

But there was mixed reaction from each side of the aisle.

Republican state lawmakers said there are areas of agreement, but very few.

"The positive things, we agree on the middle income tax cut," said State Rep. Mike Rohrkaste, (R-Neenah), "Very strong disagreement on how to pay for that. Gov. wants to increase taxes on manufacturing and farmers, we don’t want to do that. "

Democratic lawmakers say there's room for compromise.

"I can appreciate the fact that its middle class tax cut and that he’s paying for it, anybody can cut taxes but if you're not willing to pay for it, you'll cut it from somewhere else," explained State Rep. Gordon Hintz, D-Oshkosh.

"I think its important for the residents of Green Bay to make sure it happens and we’re gonna have to work on those fine detail to make it work," said State Rep. Staush Gruszynski, D-Green Bay.

Governor Evers addressed expanding medicaid and covering people with pre-existing conditions.

Lawmakers said its one of the issues both sides agree on.

"There are areas where we can come together, covering people with pre-existing conditions is one of those areas, we got a bill in the legislature now, if we focus on those areas it’ll be a very productive session," said State Sen. Roger Roth, R-Appleton.

Increasing education funding was also a positive for many Republicans, but there are concerns.

"There’s a huge amount of spending increase in different areas, so we’re going to have to figure how to pay for that," said Rep. Rohkraste. 

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