Walker touts 'Ambitious Agenda' in State of the State


MADISON, Wis. - Republican Governor Scott Walker stepped up to the podium Wednesday and delivered his view of the year that was.

"It has been an amazing year, a historic year," he said in his state of the state address.

Touting his accomplishments from 2017, Walker said the state of the state is historically strong. 

"More people are employed in Wisconsin than ever before in the history of our state," he said.

Walker lauded workforce development, lower taxes, and education investments. The speech gave local lawmakers a chance to reflect on the governor's two terms in office.

"We lag behind the nation in private sector job growth, Democratic Assemblywoman Amanda Stuck said. "I would say that's not a win, especially when you look at places like the fox valley where we've lost several big companies now."

"Wisconsin is moving in the right direction," Republican Senator Roger Roth said. "I think I was actually expecting the governor to come out like he did today and really highlight the progresses that we've made as a state."

Governor Walker began his state of the state address looking back at his tenure in office, but then laid out priorities for the upcoming year. Walker proposed a child tax credit for families, and investments in education and health care. Democratic lawmakers say it sounds like a speech from a governor running for re-election.

"Posing as a Democrat, but we'll see if he changes the day after the election," Democratic Senator Dave Hansen said.

Republican lawmakers say the governor's vision will benefit Wisconsin for years.

"I think that it was an impressive speech that he gave today," Roth said. "I look forward to working with him to get it done."

Walker too hopes to keep working. He finished his address asking the legislature to begin pushing through his new proposals.