Some area lawmakers concerned about pace of approving proposed Foxconn plant


Some area lawmakers are concerned about the 'fast pace' the process of approving a proposed Foxconn plant is taking.

The goal is for the legislature to approve three-billion dollars in tax breaks for the Taiwanese manufacturer by the end of September.

The State Assembly Committee on Economy and Jobs could vote as early as next week.

Majority Leader Jim Steineke (R-Kaukauna) says the Assembly is following procedure.

"So we're following the normal procedure as we would any other legislation entering the normal committee process, have a hearing, next week I expect that they'll vote the bill out of committee and then we'll eventually bring it to the floor," said Representative Steineke.

That public hearing started Thursday afternoon and stretched to nearly midnight.

Some critics the tax-break package left before getting a chance to speak.

But that's not the only thing concerning to democrats.

"We didn't even have all the information on it,” Representative Stuck said. “We didn't have the information from fiscal bureau and for people to really give good input, have their questions well formed, they need to have all of their information."

Representative Steineke believes all voices will be heard by the time the State Senate votes.

Senator Roger Roth talked about when it could be introduced in his chamber.

"I'm taking my time and haven't introduced it yet because I'm waiting for all that information,” Roth said. “We're waiting for the fiscal to put out analysis, but they haven't yet put out the nuts and bolts and the numbers, so waiting for that to happen."

Oshkosh Representative Gordon Hintz says plenty of questions remain.

"So we're not just falling for the big jobs, big shiny red object that never really pans out so there's a lot of questions to be asked," said Hintz.