Governor Walker Should Come Home and Come Clean on WEDC
Investigation should be “Open, Thorough and Transparent”

State Senator Janis Ringhand (D-Evansville) joined a growing chorus of legislators and government watchdogs who are calling for an “open, thorough and transparent” investigation of the loan practices at the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC).

“The Legislative Audit Bureau findings, along with the investigative reports on how the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation distributes loans have confirmed that WEDC has been operating outside of their own procedures and apparently, outside of the laws of Wisconsin,” Senator Ringhand stated.

“I agree with Governor Walker in saying that any investigation or discussion regarding the loan practices at WEDC should be open, thorough and transparent.”

Senator Ringhand added that the appearance of “pay-for-play” politics at the state’s flagship jobs agency is a disturbing trend and a contributing factor in Wisconsin’s economy lagging behind most of the nation. Even more troubling is that officials at WEDC claim that they have lost the paperwork used to justify a loan to a maximum donor of Governor Walker.

“It’s the dog ate my homework excuse,” Senator Ringhand added.

A 2014 report by One Wisconsin Now alleges that nearly 60% of the $975 million in taxpayer’s funded subsidies, almost $585 million, went to companies whose owners and employees gave campaign contributions to Governor Walker or his political allies.

“Wisconsin cannot afford to have taxpayers footing the bill for hundreds of millions of dollars for the friends and allies of Governor Walker.”

“It’s time for Governor Walker to come home and come clean so we all can get to the bottom of the mess over at WEDC.”