Senator Fitzgerald Commends Choice Performance on Annual Testing Early Wednesday, the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) released the statewide results of the Forward, ACT Plus Writing, and Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM) assessments administered during the 2016-17 school year. The results demonstrate that for the second consecutive year, the ACT scores of students in the Parental Choice Programs are outperforming their peers throughout Wisconsin, where statewide results held steady across the assessments.
Fitzgerald Announces Office Hours at 2017 Dodge County Fair Sen. Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) announced the following upcoming district office hours for constituents of the 13th Senate District, located at the Dodge County Fair.
Senate Republican Budget Proposal Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, Senate Finance Co-Chair Alberta Darling, Senate President Roger Roth, Senator Howard Marklein, Senator Devin LeMahieu, Senator Duey Stroebel, Senator Dan Feyen, and Senator Patrick Testin announced the Senate Republican Budget Proposal.
Fitzgerald, Vos Respond to SCOTUS Decision to Hear Gill v. Whitford "Wisconsin lawmakers have maintained that our state’s redistricting process and legislative maps are legal and constitutional, and we look forward to the Court’s final decision which we are confident will affirm our position.”
Senator Fitzgerald Responds to Assembly Education Press Conference "We will continue to look for ways to support low spending districts, but a proposal that raises property taxes and picks winners and losers within our school districts is a move away from the position of both the Governor and the Senate Republican caucus."
Senate Advances HOPE Bills, Administrative Rules Changes “I was thrilled that the Senate had another productive, bipartisan session, during which we tackled a number of important issues facing the state of Wisconsin."
Spring Office Hours Don't forget to join us in May for local listening sessions throughout the district.
Fitzgerald Applauds WHEDA Efforts to Combat Dairy Crisis Today, Governor Scott Walker announced that the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA) will amend the terms of their loan guarantees to dairy farmers and processors in order to provide more favorable repayment and collateral terms to farmers and increased guarantees for producers at lower fees. The improved terms will be effective immediately and are intended to help Wisconsin dairy producers and processors access much-needed capital to address current market conditions.
State Lawmakers Launch Dialogue with Canada on Dairy Trade “I am disappointed that the representatives of the Canadian government have not demonstrated the sense of urgency that we in Wisconsin feel about the crisis impacting so many of our local dairy farms. We know how critical this situation is for a huge number of Wisconsin families and we will continue to press the Canadian representatives until we receive a satisfactory explanation for this shift in their trade policy."
Fitzgerald Responds to Dairy Crisis “I was shocked to hear that dozens of Wisconsin’s hard working dairy farmers could be forced out of business because of a trade dispute taking place outside our state. This crisis will come as a huge blow not only to these individual farmers, but to our dairy industry, and to Wisconsin as a whole."
Fitzgerald Responds to WEC Energy Rate Freeze Announcement Yesterday, WEC Energy Group announced that they have reached a settlement agreement with some of its largest business customers that, if approved by the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSCW), would freeze We Energies and Wisconsin Public Service customer base rates for 2018 and 2019. Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald released the following statement...
Senate Advances High Capacity Wells Bill “Wisconsin’s agriculture industry is an 88 billion dollar component of our state’s economy that supports over 400,000 jobs. High capacity wells are integral to these farming operations and legislative action is badly needed in order to provide clarity on this issue."
Senator Fitzgerald Responds to UW - Oshkosh Allegations Today the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel released an article detailing new and troubling allegations in the ongoing story of the inappropriate relationship between The University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Foundation and Chancellor Richard Wells. Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald released the following statement.
Special Session Assembly Bill 2 Testimony "Due to the overwhelming success of this approach, Wisconsin’s existing TAD programs have been highly in demand, with grants now helping to support over 50 treatment courts and diversion programs statewide, with some counties or tribes operating multiple programs."
Senator Fitzgerald Responds to 2017 Budget Address "While I am thrilled that recent projections have demonstrated that Wisconsin is on strong financial footing going into this budget, I plan to exercise caution in determining how to allocate these resources to ensure that we remain responsible fiscal stewards."
Senate Continues to Lead on Labor Reforms “I am thrilled that the Senate has continued to lead on labor reforms in Wisconsin."
Senator Fitzgerald Responds to State Highway Program Audit "Only with a full and complete picture of the true costs of road projects can we accurately craft a transportation budget that meets Wisconsin’s infrastructure needs while maintaining responsible stewardship of taxpayer dollars."
Senate Opens Session with Bipartisan Jobs Bill Today the Wisconsin Senate met for the first floor period of the year and advanced the first legislation of the 2017-18 session. On the day’s calendar was Senate Bill 1, a tax incremental financing provision projected to create more than 100 jobs within Wisconsin.
Senator Fitzgerald Responds to State of the State Address Today Governor Walker delivered his 2017 State of the State Address to the Wisconsin Legislature. Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald released the following statement...
Fitzgerald Announces Committee Structure, Members Today, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R – Juneau) announced his intention to make the following appointments and changes to the 2017-18 Joint and Senate Standing Committees to reflect changes in Senate membership.
Senator Fitzgerald Reelected Majority Leader Today the incumbent and newly elected members of the Wisconsin State Senate Republican caucus met to elect leadership for the upcoming legislative session. This is the seventh time he has been selected to lead the Republican caucus.
Senate Seeks 2017 Scholars Applications are now being accepted for 2017 Wisconsin Senate Scholars, an intensive program with a select group of students from throughout the state who are invited to the Capitol for a hands-on learning experience within the State Legislature.
Senator Fitzgerald Mourns Passing of Senator Gudex Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald released the following statement regarding the announcement of the passing of 18th District Senator Rick Gudex.
Wisconsin Needs Voter ID "From the national level downward, opponents of voter ID have cited ongoing legal battles as a reason to abandon attempts to keep identification requirements in place..."
Fitzgerald Joins AG Schimel in Announcing TAD Grant Recipients “Whether combating Wisconsin’s pervasive opiate epidemic or working to get drunk drivers off our roads, we need to tackle the problem of substance abuse at its roots by focusing on treatment,” said Fitzgerald.
Fitzgerald Announces Office Hours at Dodge County Fair Sen. Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) announced the following upcoming district office hours for constituents of the 13th Senate District, located at the Dodge County Fair.
Wisconsin Legislature Recognized for Democracy Education Wisconsin Senate Leaders Scott Fitzgerald and Jennifer Shilling today applauded the announcement that the Wisconsin Legislature has been named the recipient of the 2016 Kevin B. Harrington Award for Excellence in Democracy Education.
Fitzgerald Announces Office Hours at Jefferson County Fair Sen. Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) announced the following upcoming district office hours for constituents of the 13th Senate District, located at the Jefferson County Fair.
Democrats' Red Herring Attack on School Choice "Yes, you’re reading that right. Less than three percent of total state spending on schools goes to Wisconsin’s choice program—and this figure doesn’t even include federal aid, which only goes to public schools."
Senator Fitzgerald Applauds Agreement on CVSO "I look forward to the ongoing dialogue between these parties to ensure that we continue to best serve those who have served our country.”
Kick Off Summer Tourism in Wisconsin’s Outdoors This weekend only, residents and visitors alike can enjoy some of Wisconsin’s most popular outdoor activities and take in some of the state’s greatest scenic areas, all absolutely free!
This Memorial Day, Don’t Forget to Remember While Memorial Day today has become synonymous with a long weekend, cookouts, parades and local fairs, it is important to remember the reason that we all come together to celebrate on the last weekend in May.
Legislative Republicans Combat Drunk Driving This week, Governor Walker signed Assembly Bill (AB) 657 and AB 455, two measures advanced by Legislative Republicans to help combat drunk driving in Wisconsin. This session, Republicans focused on long term solutions to our state’s OWI problem, advancing proposals to increase funding for treatment and stiffen penalties for repeat offenders.
Fitzgerald, Jagler Announce Study Committee on Rural Fire Fighters, Emergency Responders Senator Scott Fitzgerald and Representative John Jagler announced the recent approval of a Legislative Council Study Committee to examine rural and volunteer fire fighters and emergency response personnel.
Fitzgerald Praises Arena Lease Agreement Fitzgerald Praises Arena Lease Agreement [Madison, WI] Wednesday morning, the Wisconsin Center District Board (WCDB) announced an agreement with the Milwaukee Bucks organization on the lease terms and key provisions for a new arena in downtown Milwaukee.
Senate Increases Treatment and Diversion Funding During a lengthy Tuesday session, the Wisconsin Senate voted unanimously to advance Assembly Bill 657, a proposal which increases funding for state Treatment and Diversion (TAD) programs by $2 million each fiscal year.
Senator Fitzgerald Issues Statement on AB 251 In response to multiple inquiries as to why Assembly Bill 251 was not placed on the Senate Calendar for March 15, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald released the following statement.
Fitzgerald Issues Request for Records to County, City of Madison Late yesterday, Senator Scott Fitzgerald issued formal requests to Madison Mayor Soglin and County Executive Parisi for all records, documents, or other communications with or regarding any Kraft, Heinz, or Kraft-Heinz business.
Senate Advances Double Dipping Bill in Bipartisan Vote Today, the Wisconsin Senate advanced an amended version of Senate Bill 707, a proposal which prohibits a legislator from concurrently holding office as county executive.
Wisconsin Senate Approves “Safe at Home” Early in a lengthy session calendar, the Wisconsin Senate approved Senate Bill 488, a bipartisan measure that creates an address confidentiality program within the Department of Justice.
Bipartisan effort aims to protect survivors of domestic abuse, stalking, and human trafficking A bipartisan group of nineteen Senators and forty-one Representatives who have introduced legislation to strengthen privacy rights and improve public safety.
Response to State of the State Address “I am thrilled to see Governor Walker continuing to present bold ideas for the State of Wisconsin."
Legislative Leaders Seek Ethics, Election Commission Applicants Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald are seeking applications for their individual appointments to the newly created Ethics Commission and Elections Commission.
Senate Begins 2016 with Bipartisan Session Today the Wisconsin Senate met for the first time this year to debate a number of bills with support from both sides of the aisle. Five joint resolutions, fifteen Senate Bills, and three Assembly Bills were passed, all with bipartisan support.
Fitzgerald Congratulates Hunters on Another Safe, Successful Season One of Wisconsin’s finest outdoor traditions continued this year as hunters took to the woods for another successful gun deer season. Both experienced sportsmen and 23,870 first-time hunters participated in this year’s season.
Senate Seeks Scholars for Annual Program Each year, the Wisconsin Senate conducts an intensive program with a select group of students from throughout the state who are invited to the Capitol for a hands-on learning experience within the State Legislature.
Fitzgerald Statement on Senate Passage of Campaign Finance Legislation Today the Wisconsin Senate in extraordinary session passed an amended version of Assembly Bill 387 (Senate Bill 292) rewriting Wisconsin’s antiquated campaign finance statutes.
Fitzgerald Statement on Senate Passage of GAB Overhaul Today in an extraordinary session, the Wisconsin Senate passed an amended version of Assembly Bill 388 (Senate Bill 294) to overhaul the state Government Accountability Board (GAB).
Fitzgerald Statement on Passing of Justice Crooks “My thoughts and prayers are with the family and loved ones of Justice Crooks at this difficult time."
Fall Hunters’ Safety Tips The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has a variety of resources available for seasoned and aspiring hunters alike to ensure that all of Wisconsin’s sportsmen have safe and memorable hunts this fall.
Legislative Leaders’ Joint Statement on John Doe Reform Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) released the following statement announcing that both chambers will schedule a vote in October on the John Doe reform bill (Assembly Bill 68/Senate Bill 43).
Improving Students’ Mental Health This School Year This year, 30 Wisconsin schools will see an addition to the annual curriculum with the launch of the Wisconsin School Mental Health Project, a five-year program aimed at improving Wisconsin students’ emotional well-being and mental health.
Fitzgerald Announces Office Hours at Dodge County Fair Sen. Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) announced the following upcoming district office hours for constituents of the 13th Senate District, located at the Dodge County Fair.
Joint Statement on Placement of Jonathan Miller Representative Mark Born (R-Beaver Dam) and Senator Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) released the following statement after Judge Pfitzinger’s decision.
Milwaukee Arena Deal Saves Bucks for Wisconsin "I believe that the resulting proposal is a good deal for the city of Milwaukee and a good deal for the State of Wisconsin."
Statement on Placement of Robert Larson “We were pleased to learn today that the supervised release placement of Mr. Larson has been rescinded."
Wisconsin Senate Passes Amended Arena Proposal Today the Wisconsin State Senate approved bipartisan legislation providing public financing for portions of a new arena development project in the City of Milwaukee
Public Input Crucial to Budget Passage The extensive public input we received played a significant role in shaping the document that we sent to the Governor’s desk.
Wisconsin Senate Passes 2015-17 Biennial Budget “Today the Wisconsin Senate advanced a bill that I believe our members can be proud of. While there is no doubt that this was a difficult budget, it was also a responsible one."
Legislative Republicans Release Arena Proposal Language This afternoon, legislative Republicans released the language of a financing proposal for a new sports arena and entertainment venue for the City of Milwaukee. Senator Scott Fitzgerald released the following statement:
Wisconsin Senate Advances Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act Today, the Wisconsin Senate voted to advance Senate Bill 179, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act after the bill’s passage was recommended by the Committee on Health and Human Services last week.
Sen. Fitzgerald, Rep. Born Call for Legal Action to Revisit Sex Offender Placement Late Wednesday, a Dodge County community notification meeting was held regarding the upcoming release of two sex offenders in the Town of Leroy. The release is scheduled to go forward no later than June 1, 2015.
Wisconsin’s Biennial Budget Process Each year, about 1,600 bills are introduced in the Wisconsin Legislature. But there is only one bill that we as legislators are required by law to pass: the Biennial State Budget.
Fitzgerald Responds to Proposed WEDC Changes This afternoon, Governor Walker announced several proposed administrative changes to the WEDC including a move shifting funding for loan programs into performance-based tax incentives, and placing funding priority on education and worker training.
Fitzgerald Responds to State Agency Proposal Changes This morning, in response to concerns raised by stakeholders, Governor Walker publicly withdrew his support for a plan previously contained in the administration’s proposed biennial budget which would have implemented the merger of several state agencies.
Senator Fitzgerald Applauds Wisconsin’s Improved Business Outlook Today, Chief Executive Magazine released their annual list of the Best and Worst States for Business. The list placed Wisconsin at twelfth, an improvement of two spots from the previous year and a jump of twenty-nine spots from 2010.
Senate Sends Motorcycle Lighting Bill to Governor Today the Wisconsin Senate passed Assembly Bill 100, permitting users to equip a motorcycle with a lighting device that illuminates the ground directly beneath the motorcycle with a color other than red, blue, or amber.
Senator Fitzgerald Welcomes Senator Stroebel Filling the open 20th District seat vacated by U.S. Representative Glenn Grothman after his successful congressional bid, Senator-elect Duey Stroebel was inaugurated during today’s Senate session. Senator Fitzgerald released the following statement...
Senator Fitzgerald Reacts to Arena Package Announcement Earlier today, the Milwaukee Bucks organization unveiled proposed designs for an arena package to be constructed in the city’s Park East corridor.
Fitzgerald Launches New Senate Republicans Website This afternoon, Senator Fitzgerald announced the launch of a new caucus website to provide members of the public with regular updates on the work that Republican Senators are doing in the state legislature
Senator Fitzgerald Statement on Voter ID Victory This morning, the U.S. Supreme court refused to hear a challenge to Wisconsin’s Voter ID law, clearing the way for the law to be implemented for future elections.
Wisconsin Senate Passes Public Safety Legislation Today the Wisconsin Senate approved several measures that increase state support and public awareness for crucial public safety issues.
Senator Fitzgerald Statement on Passage of Senate Bill 44 This evening, the Wisconsin Senate passed Senate Bill 44, proposed legislation to implement Right to Work law in Wisconsin. Senator Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) released the following statement:
Senator Fitzgerald Testimony to Senate Committee on Labor and Government Reform Senator Fitzgerald provided the following testimony before the Senate Committee on Labor and Government Reform:
Raising the Gas Tax a Nonstarter for Wisconsin Families Though we are still in the early stages of reviewing the specifics of the proposal, it is clear that one of the largest challenges of this budget process will be meeting the state’s transportation funding needs.
Fitzgerald Responds to Overwhelming Support for Workplace Freedom Earlier today, Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce released the findings of a poll conducted by The Tarrance Group which revealed that 69% of Wisconsin voters and 51% of union households support right to work legislation.
Fitzgerald Welcomes the Members of the 102nd Wisconsin State Senate Today marked the first session day of the 102nd session of the Wisconsin State Senate and the swearing in of new and returning members. Senator Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) delivered the following remarks for the proceedings.
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