✉️ Tom's E-Update - January 26, 2018 Hunger and Homelessness Summit
📰 Sen. Tom Tiffany's State of the State Statement Due to our conservative reforms and prudent care of your tax dollars, we will be able to reinvest even more into our priorities. Wisconsin is on the upswing, yet there still remains a lot of work to do.
📰 Sen. Tom Tiffany Votes No on Appointments of Brian Bell and Michael Haas The John Doe investigation is a black mark on the history of clean government in Wisconsin. It is important to move beyond the failed Government Accountability Board.
✉️ Tom's E-Update - January 12, 2018 Employment First Legislation Receives Public Hearings
✉️ Tom's E-Update - January 5, 2018 Wisconsin's Workforce in 2017; Juvenile Corrections; Congressman Duffy Town Halls; Propane; Stanley Koss
✉️ Tom's E-Update - December 15, 2017 Keeping Our Kids in Wisconsin; Committee Update; TEACH Grants; UW System and NARCAN; Eagle River Library
📰 Governor Walker Signs Mining for America Act into Law Our state has a rich mining history that predates our statehood, yet for the last twenty years, the miner on our flag has been stuck in the unemployment line. Today, Governor Walker put him back to work.
✉️ Tom's E-Update - December 8, 2017 Legislative Update; US 8/WIS 47; Vilas County SafeRide; White Space; Bald Eagles
✉️ Tom's E-Update - December 1, 2017 Bill Signings; Council on Forestry; Hunting Season Recap; Capitol Christmas Tree; Committee on Sporting Heritage, Mining, and Forestry
✉️ Tom's E-Update - November 17, 2017 Good Luck Hunters!; Expera Paper and Errand Solutions; Education Awards; Capitol Christmas Ornaments; Statewide Cisco Record; Eagle Scout Presentation; Recount Legislation; 2017-18 Blue Books