📰 Sen. Tiffany Supports Allowing Voters to Decide Partial Veto Authority “I am proud to support this important taxpayer protection initiative to ensure the state continues its record of responsible balanced budgeting under Republican leadership that has produced more than $13 billion in tax cuts.”
📰 Sen. Tiffany and Rep. Knodl: Wisconsin’s bold leadership needed to rein in the DC swamp Our founders knew the power of government should come from the consent of the governed. That’s why they allowed for a Convention of States to amend our Constitution. They knew that the states might need to reclaim power from the federal government.
📰 Sen. Tiffany Proud to Stand for $13 Billion in Tax Cuts This nonpartisan report shows that we have kept our promises by allowing people to keep more of their hard-earned money, and we did it all while supporting strong investments in K-12 education and road maintenance.
✉️ Tom's E-Update - September 20, 2019 Governor Evers Announced He's Open to Gun Confiscation
📰 Sen. Tiffany: I will not back down in the fight against gun confiscation My constituents sent me to Madison to uphold our Constitution, and that includes the 2nd Amendment. They can be certain that I will not back down.
📰 Sen. Tiffany Announces Senate Scholar Program Sen. Tom Tiffany and the state Senate are excited to offer a week-long educational experience for high school juniors and seniors. The Senate Scholar Program is designed to challenge Wisconsin’s best students and provide a hands-on opportunity to learn about Wisconsin state government.
✉️ Tom's E-Update - September 13, 2019 Wisconsin Remembers 9/11 and Federal Deficit Reaches $1 Trillion
✉️ Tom's E-Update - September 6, 2019 Farmer Mental Health and Tourism for Northern Wisconsin
✉️ Tom's E-Update - August 30, 2019 Thank You, Congressman Duffy
✉️ Tom's E-Update - August 23, 2019 Northern Wisconsin Rail Service Meeting Next Week
✉️ Tom's E-Update - August 9, 2019 Rail Service in Northern Wisconsin