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Dear Neighbor,

This newsletter is being sent in accordance with a law change to allow limited mass communication after April 15th of an election year for critical coronavirus updates. I am happy to be able to continue this special edition of our newsletter this week to provide you with some additional information you may need to keep your families safe and healthy.

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I ask that you help share this newsletter with your friends and family. An informed community is a strong community, and I appreciate the opportunity to discuss our communities' concerns.




Sen. Patty Schachtner

Coronavirus Update

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In our area, we have multiple confirmed cases of coronavirus in Pierce, St. Croix, Dunn, and Polk Counties. Nearby counties like Barron, Chippewa, and Eau Claire, each have several cases as well. Only 5 counties in the entire state are without a confirmed positive case. 


Dialing up Testing

Yesterday, Governor Tony Evers announced a new ambitious goal to make Wisconsin one of the top states in testing per capita in the nation. Our state already has one of the highest testing capacities. 

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There are a few major components that will make this goal achievable:

Manage Community Outbreaks

• Working with the Wisconsin National Guard and local health partners to conduct testing of all workers and families associated with employer outbreaks happening throughout WI.
• Deploying rapid response teams to address employer and congregate care outbreaks.

Protect Long Term Care Facilities

• Providing free testing and diagnostics to all of Wisconsin’s 373 nursing homes to test all nursing home residents and staff, with the goal of testing more than 10,000 residents and staff per week during the month of May.
• Using a combination of public and private partners to call nursing home facilities to coordinate supplies, logistics and test results.

Support Healthcare Systems

• Providing test supplies available to all WI healthcare systems through
• Supplies and laboratory services are available for testing symptomatic and asymptomatic


Drive-Thru Test Sites

Another major initiative is setting up drive through testing sites for COVID-19 across the state. Northwestern Wisconsin has FREE testing available for those with at least one coronavirus symptom.

Find out more here-

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Busting COVID Myths



Will COVID disappear as the warm weather moves in? Can drinking alcohol kill the virus? Can it be spread through bugs like house flies? COVID-19 information has been spreading across social media for weeks, but not all of it is accurate. And the inaccurate or misleading claims can be harmful.

You can learn all about COVID-19 from a new app and website developed by the University of Wisconsin called COVID-19 Wisconsin Connect. They have resources to help people find accurate information, mental health resources and talk with other Wisconsinites about their pandemic experience.


You can also visit the World Health Organizations myth busters page to check any claims you might see.


Avoiding COVID Scams

Unfortunately, as this virus spreads, so do scams intended to take advantage of people during this crisis. Whether it’s a salesperson calling about a fake insurance policy or an email linking to an unsafe medical product, you should never engage with these scammers and report them when possible.

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You can file reports on these scams here: