Suicide: A Tale of Access Suicide has touched communities across the nation. The deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain – like all deaths from suicide – are tragic. While tragic, their deaths refocused the national attention on what is a growing suicide epidemic.
A Newcomer, a Look Back, and the Road Ahead I have helped people all my life - as a first responder, health care provider, and medical examiner - and I was ready to serve the communities of northwestern Wisconsin.
A Community Dialogue for Mental Health Awareness This past month, I traveled across western Wisconsin to engage in needed conversations about mental health and suicide prevention.
The Work of Our Teachers Teachers help shape our children’s future, and they know firsthand what it means to be resilient. In recent years, we have asked our teachers to do more with less.
Environmental Stewardship Extends Beyond Awareness As we take a look back at Earth Day, let us remember that our environment is something to protect. It is an investment that we, and the generations that come after us, will reap the benefits of.
Invest in Success, Science Olympiad Pays it Forward When I was in high school, Science Olympiad was just getting started, holding its first event in November 1974. Since then, Science Olympiad has grown nationwide with over 7,800 schools participating, including 98 here in Wisconsin...