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Wisconsin lawmakers are proposing a bill that would extend winery hours.  Currently, wineries close at 9 PM and this bill proposes to make changes to extend the hours from 9 PM to midnight, allowing wineries to hold events such as weddings.  However, the bill still allows for local governments to have control over the closing hours of wineries by local ordinance.  Since 2015, Wisconsin grape growers and wineries have contributed to 2,000 new jobs, $50 million in consumer spending and an additional $100 million to hotels and other restaurants.  This industry is not only adding to the local economy but also flourishing – let’s continue to allow our businesses to grow instead of holding them back with unnecessary restrictions. 

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Why extended hours are beneficial for local wineries

  • Attract more tourists & wine enthusiasts
  • Host special events / occasions
  • Competition for businesses
  • Increase clientele and attract a variety of audiences / demographics
  • Allows wineries to continue to grow and contribute to the local economy