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WI DNR Implements Changes to Deer and Turkey Tag Requirements

Effective Immediately

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is implementing new rules related to the use of deer and turkey carcass tags. The rule changes come as a result of the recent budget signing, and take effect immediately. These changes do NOT affect other species such as bear, bobcat, fisher, otter or sturgeon.  To avoid any confusion during the fall hunting seasons, take a minute to review and understand the recent changes.

  • Tags are NOT required to be validated or attached to a carcass upon harvest.
  • All deer and turkey must still be registered by phone or online by 5:00 p.m. the day after the harvest.
  • All previously issues deer and turkey carcass tags will be honored by DNR and will be connected to the customer’s profile for harvest registration purposes.
  • Hunters STILL MUST carry proof that they are authorized to hunt within the designated location by carrying one of the following:
    • DNR Conservation Card
    • GoWild validated WI driver’s license
    • GoWild digital file
    • Paper tag/authorization

For more information on the changes and how they might affect you during the current upcoming fall hunting seasons, click here. For more information on deer hunting, click here. For more information on turkey hunting, click here.