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A Column of Personal Opinion
by State Senator Sheila Harsdorf                                                                                     June 7, 2017


Celebrate June Dairy Month


Wisconsin has a long and proud history of being a national leader in dairy production. This tradition is celebrated each year during June Dairy Month, and I’m pleased to have authored Senate Joint Resolution 57 proclaiming June Dairy Month as a time to celebrate our rich and diverse agricultural heritage.


Dairy producers in Wisconsin generate over 30 billion pounds of milk each year from more than 9000 farms averaging about 140 cows per farm.  The dairy industry alone accounts for nearly half of the $88 billion that the agriculture industry contributes to Wisconsin’s economy. 


Last year, Wisconsin produced 27% of the cheese in the nation of which 774 million pounds was specialty cheese.


And dairy products are a tremendous benefit to our health.  Drinking low-fat chocolate milk is an ideal choice for athletes recovering after a workout. Consuming adequate amounts of calcium rich foods such as milk, cheese, and yogurt may delay or minimize age-related bone loss and even reduce tooth decay.


As we celebrate June Dairy Month I encourage you to take time to attend one of the many events in communities throughout Wisconsin. Those being held in our part of the state are listed below.  

  • June 9 – Breakfast in the Valley
    Eau Claire county Expo Center, 550 Fairview Drive, Eau Claire
  • June 10 – Tri-County Dairy Breakfast
    Washburn County Fairgrounds, 1000 W Beaver Brook Ave., Spooner
  • June 17 – Pierce County Breakfast on the Farm
    Huppert Brothers Farm, 855 Chapman Drive, River Falls
  • June 17 – Siren Community Ag Association Dairy Breakfast
    Four Cubs Farm, 23250 S Williams Rd, Grantsburg


For more information on the events listed above and other June Dairy Month festivities, visit,, or the Wisconsin Department of Tourism website at


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