Wisconsin Senate Republicans ask U.S. Senators for vote on Neil Gorsuch for SCOTUS

MADISON, Wis. — Fifteen Wisconsin Senate Republicans on Tuesday called on U.S. Senators Ron Johnson, R–Wisconsin, and Tammy Baldwin, D–Wisconsin, to quickly act on President Donald J. Trump’s nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court, Judge Neil Gorsuch.

“Now is not the time to play partisan politics with our nation’s highest court,” they wrote. “We encourage both of you to support Judge Gorsuch’s appointment and represent the will of your constituents.”

The letter encourages the U.S. Senate to stop playing partisan politics and to end the use of procedural roadblocks to prevent a vote on the nomination.

“The Wisconsin electorate voted for President Donald Trump in November with the understanding that our chief executive would be able to fill the vacancy left by the brilliant Justice Antonin Scalia,” they mentioned in the letter. “The appointment was announced more than a month ago, and we urge you to quickly act on confirmation.”

The letter is attached.