The state of Wisconsin is working

Vukmir: ‘We are strong with widespread opportunity’


MADISON, Wis. — Following Gov. Scott Walker’s state of the state address Tuesday, Senate Assistant Majority Leader Leah Vukmir, R–Brookfield, issued the following statement:

“The state of Wisconsin is strong with widespread opportunity. Under Republican leadership, Wisconsin’s 4.1 percent unemployment rate is our lowest in 15 years, and more people are working than ever before in our history. As a result of our past initiatives, we are undoubtedly better off.

“On the campaign trail, our incumbent and newly elected senators focused on workforce expansion, eliminating the skills gap and growth within the small business sector. We now have an incredible 20-seat majority in the Senate because this message resonated with voters. Our commitment to making sure Wisconsinites have opportunities for education and employment will once again be a top priority this year.

“With a unified Republican Congress and administration in Washington, we will continue to prosper as the federal government shifts opportunity back to the states. Wisconsin is well positioned to lead the nation with innovative ideas and solutions."

Vukmir represents portions of Waukesha and Milwaukee counties in the state Senate.