The time is now for Foxconn I am ready to vote for the Foxconn bill and am urging my fellow senators to take it up without delay. I do not want any hesitation on our part to jeopardize Wisconsin’s opportunity for this transformative investment in our economy.
Vukmir echoes Walker encouraging Congress to give states block grants Healthcare is very personal. That’s why those closest to our constituents, not Washington bureaucrats, should be responsible for tailoring our programs to fit Wisconsin’s needs.
Vukmir supports Senate GOP budget Our constituents sent us here to hold the line on taxes. This budget does that and more.
Governor Walker signs bipartisan Vukmir, Kolste pharmacy bill into law Gov. Scott Walker signed a bipartisan bill into law Wednesday by Sen. Leah Vukmir, R–Brookfield, and Rep. Debra Kolste, D–Janesville, which will allow pharmacists to issue emergency refills in cases when a prescribing authority can’t be reached.
Vukmir responds to Anthem exiting the Obamacare individual market in Wisconsin I call upon leadership in the U.S. Senate to repeal and replace Obamacare with a free-market solution that will increase options and lower the cost of health insurance. We can no longer gamble on the status quo.
Senate passes bill to combat motor vehicle thefts Carjacking has grown out of hand in recent years and it is time for the Legislature to take action in confronting this public safety concern. Enough is enough.
Vukmir pushes eliminating personal property tax Eliminating the personal property tax, and onerous reporting requirements will encourage growth and business investment in our communities.
Vukmir, Jarchow author strong proposal to protect speech at universities and tech schools Students, professors and administrators are using intimidation tactics to silence those they disagree with. Now is not the time to treat this issue lightly; well thought-out legislative action is required.
On Tax Day, Vukmir and Ott author bill to allow consumers to stretch dollars further “Under current law, Wisconsin-based businesses are at a competitive disadvantage against online and out-of-state retailers, a complete absurdity that should be rectified,” said Vukmir, R–Brookfield. “This mandated markup on prescription drugs and merchandise results in Wisconsin seniors and families paying more for their goods. Repealing this required cost is in Wisconsinites’ best interest.”
Vukmir PLA neutrality bill signed into law Finally, government will no longer be able to deliberately alienate qualified workers from participating in the bidding process for government projects in Wisconsin. State and local officials should not discriminate against contractors simply because they do not have pre-negotiated deals with labor unions.