Statement on Senate President Lazich’s retirement I wish the very best for Mary as she leaves the Senate to spend more time with her family and pursue other interests.
Wisconsin's economic outlook ranks No. 9 in nation Thanks to commonsense reforms under Republican leadership, the forecast for Wisconsin’s economy is much brighter now than it was during the Doyle years.
Right to Work wins #WISweet16 competition I'm proud to stand for workers’ freedoms and Wisconsin’s economic future. And no matter what liberal activist judges say, we’ll fight to make sure you have the right to choose whether you want to join a union.
Building upon successes; Continuing to move Wisconsin forward Every child should have access to a world-class education. We must give students every opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive later in life.
Senator Vukmir votes for worker freedom This legislation will help attract additional jobs to Wisconsin. As companies consider where they might move or grow, Wisconsin needs to be an integral part of the conversation so we can bring more good-paying jobs to the hard-working people of the Badger State.
Governor Walker signs bill that delivers worker freedom Businesses in states outside of Wisconsin that are considering relocation care a great deal about Right-To-Work. Wisconsin workers should expect to see more opportunity ahead.
Senator Vukmir applauds U.S. Supreme Court on voter ID Requiring a photo ID to vote is consistent with our democratic principles and the need to protect the integrity of our electoral process.
Tax Freedom Day in Wisconsin As we consider the state budget for the next biennium, I remain committed to lowering the overall tax burden in Wisconsin by ensuring that state government operates as efficiently and effectively as possible.
Repeal of prevailing wage law still right for Wisconsin When you consider the possible savings from eliminating prevailing wage, it is important to remember that those savings could be redeployed in a multitude of ways, ranging from additional projects to tax relief depending on the local circumstances.
Vukmir works to reform educational options for special-needs students The centerpiece of the proposal is the creation of a Special Needs Scholarship that will finally give parents a true choice between a public school failing to meet their child’s goals and a private school. Children that have been denied open enrollment will now have the ability to transfer to a qualified private school.