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 August 3, 2017

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It’s Fair to Say Wisconsin is Awesome!


The beginning of August means many things to Wisconsinites. From beginning to hunt for school supplies, the start of Packer training camp, trying to squeeze in a summer vacation, everyone is very busy. However, last year 1,015,815 people took time out of their busy August schedule to attend the Wisconsin State Fair. And there isn’t any reason why even more people will not head to West Allis to attend the 2017 Wisconsin State Fair August 3rd to 13th 


The Wisconsin State Fair has a history almost as old as our state. The first Wisconsin State Fair was in Janesville during 1851. That was only three years after Wisconsin became a state in 1848!  In the 166 years since that first state fair, it has only been canceled five times: from 1861-1863 due to the Civil War, 1893 because state officials feared low attendance due to the World’s Columbian Exposition being held in Chicago, and in 1945 at the request of the Office of War Transportation due to World War II.


That state fair was held in Janesville, Watertown, Fond du Lac, Madison, and Milwaukee before settling into its current permanent location in West Allis in 1892. In 1859, the Wisconsin State Fair welcomed Abraham Lincoln, who a year later would be elected the 16th President of the United States. The 1910 State Fair saw Wilbur and Orville Wright attend seven years after their historical flight at Kitty Hawk.  


A picture from Abraham Lincoln’s 1859 state fair visit


While seeing interesting exhibits, listening to great music, and (whether you admit it or not) watching the pig races is fun, one the biggest draws of the Wisconsin State Fair is the food. The 2016 Wisconsin State Fair saw 315,000 Original Cream Puffs consumed, 55,000 Real Wisconsin Cheese grilled cheese sandwiches served, and 50,000 Wisconsin Baked Potatoes sold. Along with offering just about every conceivable food on-a-stick, the Wisconsin State Fair showcases food grown right here in Wisconsin from corn on the cob to beer-battered bacon-wrapped cheddar sausage. 




The Wisconsin State Fair is diverse, fun, and entertaining. From Washington Island to La Crosse, Hurley to Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin is made up of people from a variety of backgrounds. We Cheeseheads may seem weird to those on the outside looking in with our Polar Bear plunges into freezing water carved out in frozen lakes, our affinity for Friday night fish fries, and everyone rooting for the Badgers even if you didn’t go to the university. And that’s fine, let those “water fountain” (we know it’s a bubbler) drinking outsiders laugh at us because in the end, regardless of political party, we know we’re living a pretty good life up here in Wisconsin.  So come on out to the Wisconsin State Fair August 3rd-August 13th and celebrate everything that is awesome, fantastic, and weird about Wisconsin.


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