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 July 13, 2017

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And Life Goes On


The most important legislation passed every session is the biennial state budget and 2017-18 is no different; however, there are also many other bills that have been introduced or are being drafted for introduction soon. While not every piece of legislation is signed into law, there are countless citizens, stakeholders, and legislators trying to make Wisconsin a better place to live.

We’re seven months into the 2017-18 session and the last general session floor day is March 22, 2018.  Bills have eight more months to pass both houses before they’ll have to be re-introduced and start the legislative process all over again in the 2019-2020 legislative session.


As of July 6, 2017, there have been 336 regular session bills introduced in the State Senate and 432 regular session bills introduced in the State Assembly. Historically, more bills are introduced in the Assembly because there are 99 members of that body and only 33 members of the Senate.

Each house has had 11 Special Session bills introduced. The Special Session was called by Governor Walker to pass legislation recommended by the Governor’s Task Force on Opioid Abuse.

Many bills are identical and are introduced in both houses at the same time, creating companion bills. In some instances, companion bills help bills move faster through the legislative process. If one body is stalled, the other can get a conversation started around the bill. Generally, bills will still get two public hearings, in the State Senate and Assembly, and a vote by both houses before going to the governor to be signed into law or vetoed.

With so many bills introduced, heard in public hearings, and voted on during executive sessions (20 Senate Committees, 42 Assembly Committees and 10 Joint Legislative Committees), it can be hard for people outside the Capitol to keep track of everything. I encourage everyone to sign up for the Wisconsin Legislative Notification Service.

The Wisconsin Legislature Notification Service will send nightly emails with any new legislation that is introduced or any action that’s been taken on already introduced legislation based on subscriber preferences. A subscriber can ask to be notified about legislation based on a committee, author, or on a specific subject.  For example, a subscriber can choose to be notified anytime a bill is proposed that contains the word children and the system will automatically send an email when it’s scheduled for a public hearing, has an executive session, or floor action is taken in Senate or Assembly.

Blue Books for Everyone!

Wisconsin Blue Books are published every two years and contain information on the state legislature, how our state government is organized, and statistics on everything related to Wisconsin from back before we were even a state.  Click here for the electronic version of the 2015-16 Blue Book.

The 2017-18 Wisconsin Blue Books will be available during the fall.  If you are interested in receiving a Blue Book, please send me an email at and I will make sure that one is mailed to you when they become available.

Enjoy a Wisconsin Staycation

Planning a vacation this summer but don’t want to leave the Badger State?  Who could blame you!?  Wisconsin is a fantastic place to live so why not vacation here too!

The Wisconsin Department of Tourism has information about where to stay, dine, suggested activities, and special events in every community in Wisconsin. Visit the and see what adventures you can find here at home!


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