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 April 6, 2017

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Everything is coming up Wisconsin!

Let’s go back to January 2011.  The Packers are starting their playoff run as a sixth seed, gas is $3.07 a gallon, people are paying between 4.6% and 7.75% in taxes on their incomes, and Wisconsin’s unemployment rate is 7.7%.   On January 3, 2011, Scott Walker and Republican majorities in the State Senate and State Assembly take the oath of office.   

Now let’s fast forward to April of 2017.  The Packers are still a NFL playoff staple, but everything else has changed!  Gas is as low as $2.05 in Wisconsin, people are paying between 4% and 7.65% in taxes on their incomes, and Wisconsin’s unemployment rate is 3.7%

That’s right, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Wisconsin’s unemployment rate is 3.7%.  That’s a drop of 4% since January of 2011 and the lowest Wisconsin’s unemployment rate has been since 2000.  The last time it was this low, ‘N Sync topped the musical charts.

Whenever there’s a drop in the unemployment rate, a skeptic will say, “Of course the unemployment rate is down.  People are working three jobs to make ends meet.”  While it’s true that some people do work more than one job for many different reasons, Wisconsin is seeing an increase in private sector pay, eliminating the need for many to have to have that second or third job.  Wisconsin’s average private sector wages grew by 5% percent! More people are working and those workers are making more money. What a great thing! Wisconsin!!

The good news for Wisconsin’s labor force doesn’t end there.  Wisconsin has seen an increase of 200,000 private sector jobs since 2011.  Our state’s labor force participation rate is the ninth highest in country.  Statistics show that over 68% of our state’s population is working. 

Millennials in Wisconsin are getting jobs at a higher rate than the national average.  There are an average of 81% of Wisconsin Millennials between the ages of 20-34 years old in the labor force.  The national average for that age group is 72%. More Wisconsinites are working than ever before!

German candy company Haribo just announced the building of the company’s first factory in the United States and it’s in Kenosha County!  The new factory will bring 400 jobs to Wisconsin by 2020.  While this announcement was one heard all over Wisconsin as evidence of Wisconsin’s improving economic environment, small businesses should not be for forgotten. 

Over 440,763 Wisconsin small businesses employ just over 1.2 million people.  Small businesses are the backbone of our state and continue to flourish with a 3.1% annual rate of growth, well above the 1.9% national average. 

The number one thing that people in politics hear regardless of location, party affiliation, or the state of affairs are questions about jobs and the economy.  Regardless of socio-economic status, people want to know what the government is doing to get people back to work and to stimulate the economy.  I am proud to share with you that here in Wisconsin, our workforce, businesses, and economy are in great shape and getting better!


DNR Spring Wildlife and Fisheries Hearing

On Monday, April 10, 2017, at 7:00 PM the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will hold the annual spring wildlife and fisheries hearings in all 72 counties.  These hearings allow the public to testify and vote on many issues before the DNR, the Natural Resources Board, and the Conservation Congress.  Click here for hearing locations and non-binding ballot questions.



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