Local Redistricting Pilot (June 1st to July 12th)

The Local Redistricting Pilot is an inter-governmental dress rehearsal of the 2021 local redistricting process. The Local Redistricting Pilot will offer the opportunity for a test run in drawing new boundary lines. The rehearsal is on a reduced timescale in order to accommodate a busy election year for clerks, so instead of three 60-day phases, the pilot will consist of three 14-day phases. The purpose of the pilot is for participants to learn their role, the roles and participants of other related governments, and to practice using the software. Additional details and instructions for the pilot will be provided to participants.

June 1 - June 14

Stage 0: Confirm Block Boundaries; and Stage 1: Tentative Supervisory Districts

June 15 - June 28

Stage 2: Municipal Ward Plans

June 29 - July 12

Stage 3: Reconciliation of the Supervisory Districts and Municipal Wards