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Wisconsin Redistricting Profile

1. Constitutional Citations  
     a.) Congressional Redistricting: None
     b.) Legislative Redistricting Article IV, 2-5
2. Statutory Citations  
     a.) Description of Current  Congressional Districts: Wis. Stat. ch. 3
     b.) Description of Current Legislative Districts: Wis. Stat. ch. 4
     c.) Other Statutes Governing Congressional or
          Legislative Redistricting Procedure:
3. Congressional Districts  
     a.) Present Number: 8
     b.) Prospective Number after 2010 Census: 8
4. State Legislative Districts  
     a.) Senate  
     Number of Districts: 33
     Number of Multimember Districts: 0
     Largest Number of Seats in a District: 1
     b.) House  
     Number of Districts 99
     Number of Multimember Districts: 0
     Largest Number of Seats in a District: 1
     c.) House Districts Nested within Senate Districts? Yes
5. Redistricting Requirements  
     a.) Initial responsibility for Drawing
     Congressional Districts:
     b.) Initial responsibility for Drawing
     Legislative Districts
     c.) Legislative Committee Responsible for Redistricting Not yet established.
     d.) Use Apportionment Board or Commission? No
     e.) Gubernatorial Veto Power over Congressional Plan? Yes
     f.) Gubernatorial Veto Power over Legislative Plan? Yes
6. Redistricting Deadlines  
     a.) Congressional Deadline: none
     Basis for Deadline: N/A
     Effect of Failure to Meet Deadline: N/A
     b.) Legislative Deadline: First legislative session following the decennial census.
     Basis for Deadline: Constitution
     Effect of Failure to Meet Deadline: Constitution is silent
7. Voting Rights Act Information for the 1990s  
     Preclearance Required? No
     Justice Department Objection to Plans? N/A
8. State Contact:  
     Stephen R. Miller, Chief
     Legislative Reference Bureau
     P.O. Box 2037
     Madison, WI 53701-2037
     608/264-8522 FAX  

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