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Low-Income Affordable Housing

Compiled by Patricia E. Meloy, September 2002

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Affordable Housing. Sustaining Wisconsin Project, Center on Wisconsin Strategy, 2001. (331.83/C33a) Describes Wisconsin's affordable housing problems from a variety of angles, including the roles of federal and state government and nonprofit organizations. www.sustainingwisconsin.org/materials/issue_papers/pdf/bp-housing-1.pdf [Link no longer active as of Sept. 25, 2009]

Affordable Housing: A Crisis for Wisconsin Families. A WISKIDS Count Special Report - 2002. Wisconsin Council on Children and Families, Inc., 2002. (331.83/W751) www.wccf.org/pdf/wiskids2002housing.pdf

"Affordable Housing: Is There a Serious Shortage?". Jane Tanner, Congressional Quarterly, Inc., CQ Researcher, February 9, 2001. (331.838/C761) Although homeownership has hit a record 67.7% in the U.S., many middle class families cannot find "decent, affordable shelter."

Affordable Housing and Smart Growth: Making the Connection. Danielle Arigoni, Smart Growth Network and the National Neighborhood Coalition, 2001. (331.83/Sm2) www.neighborhoodcoalition.org/AH%20and%20SG.pdf [Link no longer active as of Sept. 25, 2009]

"The Evolution of Low-Income Housing Policy, 1949 to 1999". Charles J. Orlebeke, Fannie Mae Foundation, Housing Policy Debate, 2000, v.11, no.2. (331.83/Or5) Focuses on three devolution instruments in housing policy: the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit, housing vouchers, and housing block grants. http://www.mi.vt.edu/data/files/hpd%2011(2)/hpd%2011(2)_orlebeke.pdf

"Expanding the Dream of Homeownership". National Housing Conference, NHC Affordable Housing Policy Review, April 2001, v.1, no.1. (331.838/N21) http://www.nhc.org/pdf/pub_ahp_04_01.pdf

"The Gautreaux Legacy: What Might Mixed-Income and Dispersal Strategies Mean for the Poorest Public Housing Tenants?". Susan J. Popkin, et al., Fannie Mae Foundation, Housing Policy Debate, 2000, v.11, no.4. (331.839/P81) Outcomes of scattered-site policies stemming from Gautreaux v. Chicago Housing Authority (1969). http://www.knowledgeplex.org/showdoc.html?id=1192

"Housing America's Working Families: A Further Exploration". Joseph M. Harkness, et al., Center for Housing Policy, New Century Housing, March 2002, v.3, no.1. (331.83/H22) New information about the kinds of working families most likely to experience persistent housing needs. www.nhc.org/nhcimages/workingfam3final.pdf [Link no longer active as of Sept. 25, 2009]

"Housing Vouchers Should Be a Major Component of Future Housing Policy for the Lowest Income Families". Barbara Sard, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of Policy Development and Research, Cityscape, 2001, v.5, no.2. (331.839/Sa7) www.huduser.org/periodicals/cityscpe/vol5num2/sard.pdf 

Low Income Housing Profile. National Low Income Housing Coalition, 2001. (331.83/N211) http://www.nlihc.org/doc/profile.pdf

"The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit: An Analysis of the First Ten Years". Jean L. Cummings and Denise DiPasquale, Fannie Mae Foundation, Housing Policy Debate, 1999, v.10, no.2. (331.839/C91) Report analyzes the program based on study of 2,554 LIHTC projects. www.fanniemaefoundation.org/programs/hpd/pdf/hpd_1002_cummings.pdf [Link no longer active as of Sept. 25, 2009]

Making Housing Work for Working Families: Building Bridges Between the Labor Market and the Housing Market. Rebecca J. Swartz, et al., Hudson Institute, July 2001. (331.83/H86)

Meeting Our Nation's Housing Challenges. Report of the Bipartisan Millennial Housing Commission, May 30, 2002. (331.83/X12) Bipartisan commission directed by U.S. Congress to investigate affordable housing, how to increase private sector investment, and HUD programs. http://govinfo.library.unt.edu/mhc/MHCReport.pdf

Out of Reach 2001: America's Growing Wage-Rent Disparity. National Low Income Housing Coalition/LIHIS, 2001. www.nlihc.org/oor2001

"Paycheck to Paycheck: Working Families and the Cost of Housing in America". Barbara J. Lipman, Center for Housing Policy, New Century Housing, June 2001, v.2, no.1. (331.83/L66) Describes the number and characteristics of families with critical housing needs in the nation's 60 largest housing markets and analyzes ability of janitors, teachers, police officers, licensed practical nurses, and retail sales persons to afford reasonably priced housing. www.nhc.org/nhcimages/paycheck.pdf [Link no longer active as of Sept. 25, 2009]

Pursuing the American Dream: Homeownership and the Role of Federal Housing Policy. Michael Collins, Prepared at request of the Millennial Housing Commission, January 2001. (331.838/X6) Overview of U.S. housing policies related to homeownership, including analysis of the barriers to homeownership and pressing federal policies that could better support homeownership. www.mhc.gov/papers/collins.pdf [Link no longer active as of Sept. 25, 2009]

"Recent Improvements to the Section 8 Tenant-Based Program". Jeffrey M. Lubell, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of Policy Development and Research, Cityscape, 2001, v.5, no.2. (331.837/L96) www.huduser.org/periodicals/cityscpe/vol5num2/lubell.pdf

Rental Housing Assistance - The Worsening Crisis: A Report to Congress on Worst Case Housing Needs. U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of Policy Development and Research, March 2000. (331.837/X8) HUD documents the crisis in housing affordability for 5.4 million very-low-income renters, particularly minority working families with children.
Full report: www.huduser.org/publications/affhsg/worstcase00/worstcase00.pdf
Executive summary: www.huduser.org/publications/affhsg/wc99.pdf

Saving Affordable Housing: What Community Groups Can Do & What Government Should Do. John Atlas and Ellen Shoshkes, National Housing Institute, 1997. (331.83/N21) www.nhi.org/online/issues/sf90.html

Section 8 Tenant-Based Housing Assistance: A Look Back After 30 Years. U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of Policy Development and Research, March 2000. (331.837/X2) www.huduser.org/publications/pdf/look.pdf

State Housing Programs. Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau, Informational Paper 81, January 2001. (331.839/W7) www.legis.wisconsin.gov/lfb/informationalpapers/2001/81.pdf

The State of the Nation's Housing 2002. Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University. (331.83/H26) www.jchs.harvard.edu/publications/markets/Son2002.pdf

Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority. Informational Paper 80, Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau, 2001. (331.839/W7a) www.legis.wisconsin.gov/lfb/informationalpapers/2001/80.pdf

Related Web Sites

www.cbpp.org - Center on Budget and Policy Priorities "conducts research analysis on a range of government policies and programs, with an emphasis on those affecting low- and moderate-income people."

www.danter.com/taxcredit - Danter Company. Real estate research organization provides detailed historical track of the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit, which is searchable for specific Wisconsin data.

www.doa.state.wi.us/dhir - Division of Housing and Intergovernmental Relations, Wisconsin Department of Administration.

www.fanniemaefoundation.org/programs/hpd.shtml - Fannie Mae Foundation. Site for accessing current and past issues of Housing Policy Debate, the quarterly journal featuring expert articles; policy analysis and research; and current issues in housing, community development, and finance.

www.iceclt.org/clt/ - The Institute for Community Economics provides information about community and nonprofit housing efforts throughout the country.

www.nahro.org - The National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials represents housing and community development agencies, including public housing managers and administrators of Section 8 vouchers. Site offers information on the Low-Income Tax Credit (LIHTC) www.nahro.org/home/resource/credit.html and the HOME Investment Partnership Program www.nahro.org/home/origins.html

www.nlihc.org - National Low Income Housing Coalition/LIHIS. Site includes weekly in-depth updates on federal housing programs and the "2002 Advocates' Guide to Housing and Community Development Policy" with glossary listing over 100 abbreviations, acronyms, and names of related associations.

www.huduser.org - U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of Policy Development and Research. Information source for federal government reports and information on housing policy and programs, building technology, economic development, urban planning, and other housing-related topics.

www.wheda.com - Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority.


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