Groundwater Protection

Compiled by Arden Rice Sujewicz, December 2001

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Background and Current Status of Groundwater Protection Provisions Under Chapter 160, Stats. Wisconsin Legislative Council, 1989. (Information Memorandum 89-11) (LegisCl/1989-91/i) (noncirculating) ". . . Describes the status of groundwater protection provisions created by 1983 Wisconsin Act 410." -page 1

Environmental Analysis and Decision on the Need for an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) [for Perrier Group of America]. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, 2000. (622.2/W7r3) This analysis by the DNR "evaluates probable environmental effects and decides on the need for an EIS" for Perrier's proposed high- capacity well in Adams County, Wisconsin. - page 1

"Groundwater: Protecting Wisconsin's Buried Treasure". Laura Chern, Maureen Mecozzi, and Dave Johnson, Wisconsin Natural Resources Magazine, 1999. (622.2/W7i7/1999) This DNR publication describes groundwater usage and supply as well as monitoring and pollution prevention techniques in laypersons terms.

Groundwater Protection Through Local Land-Use Controls. Douglas A. Yanggen and Bruce Webendorfer, Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey, 1991. (Special Report no.11) (UW/Ext/GNHS/s/no.11) (noncirculating) ". . . Focuses on how local governments can use zoning and subdivision control powers to regulate the land uses that may contaminate groundwater." - page 2

Groundwater Quality Monitoring Plan. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, 2001. (622.2/W7r/2000-01) This annual report "evaluates current efforts, needs, and available resources pertaining to" the monitoring of Wisconsin groundwater resources. - page 2

A Guide to Groundwater Quality Planning and Management for Local Governments. Stephen M. Born, Douglas A. Yanggen and Alexander Zaporozec, Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey, 1987. (Special Report no.9) (UW/Ext/GNHS/s/no.9) (noncirculating) This guide explains how "state agency programs can be coordinated with local planning efforts to improve groundwater quality and prevent groundwater contamination." -page iii

An Integrated Water-Monitoring Network for Wisconsin Prepared by the Team for Evaluating the Wisconsin Water Monitoring Network. Wisconsin Water Resources Center and U.S. Geological Survey, 1998. (Wisconsin Water Resources Center Special Report WRC SR 98-01) (622.2/W7q3) This report recommends changes needed to implement a long-term data collection network that will be adequate for state and local officials to make informed decisions regarding water resources management.

Modernizing Wisconsin Groundwater Management: Reforming the High Capacity Well Laws. Stephen Born, et al. Department of Urban and Regional Planning, UW-Extension. (Extension Report Series no. 2000-1) (UW/Urban/m) (noncirculating) This report assesses the potential environmental impact of high-capacity wells in Wisconsin, reviews practices in other states, and makes recommendations for reform in Wisconsin.

Report to the Legislature. Wisconsin Groundwater Coordinating Council, 2001. (622.2/W75) This annual report summarizes the activities of several state agencies involved in groundwater protection and lists their recent research and publications. It also summarizes relevant legislative and regulatory changes during the past year.

State Water Policies: a Study of Six States. Jurgen Schmandt, Ernest T. Smerdon, and Judith Clarkson. Praeger, 1988. (622.2/Sch4) This study discusses the various approaches to water resource management adopted in the states of Wisconsin, Arizona, California, Florida, North Carolina, and Texas.

Status of Groundwater Quantity in Wisconsin. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, 1997. (622.2/W7r1) This report examines the potential shortages of groundwater in Wisconsin, discusses how such information is gathered, and outlines the duties of agencies responsible for managing groundwater supply in Wisconsin.

A Template for Preparing Wellhead Protection Plans for Municipal Wells. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Bureau of Drinking Water and Groundwater, 2000. (NatR/Water/t) (noncirculating) This manual provides "direction on preparation of a WHP plan [wellhead protection plan] to proactively protect a community's water supply." Such plans are mandatory for all new municipal wells, and strongly encouraged for existing wells. - page 1

Water-Use Law and Administration in Wisconsin. Harold H. Ellis, J.H. Beuscher, Cletus D. Howard, J. Peter DeBraal. UW-Extension, Department of Law, 1970. (622.2/EL5) This comprehensive book addresses public and private water rights, the role of state, local, and federal governments, and constitutional and international aspects of Wisconsin water law.

Wisconsin Water Law: a Guide to Water Rights and Regulations. Paul G. Kent and Tamara A. Dudiak. 2nd ed. UW-Extension, 2001. (622.2/W7q1/c.1) Written by two attorneys, this thorough guide contains extensive legal citations for each chapter and handy tables and indexes to relevant laws, cases, and regulations.

Wisconsin Water Quality Assessment Report to Congress. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Bureau of Watershed Management, 2000. (622.2/W7i) This federally mandated annual report succinctly describes the current condition of Wisconsin's water resources, the state and federal policies that affect these resources, and the efforts to prevent, monitor, and remediate water pollution.

The Wisconsin Water Quantity Resources Management Plan. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Bureau of Water Resources Management, 1987-88. (622.2/W7p) This 9-volume series investigates water use, demand, and supply in Wisconsin from environmental, economic, and regulatory standpoints. (Library owns parts 1-7 only)

Related Web Sites - Bureau of Drinking Water and Groundwater homepage. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. This website contains links relating to the Perrier Water Company well application process, the Capacity Development Program, the Safe Drinking Water Act, information for well operators and drillers, local officials, private well owners, and public hearing notices. Central Wisconsin Groundwater Center. UW-Extension, College of Natural Resources, UW-Stevens Point. This site offers information about the Center's services to individuals and communities seeking technical assistance and information regarding their groundwater concerns. - Expertise Database. University of Wisconsin Water Resources Institute, 2001. A directory of water resource experts searchable by area of expertise, research, or name. - Groundwater and Drinking Water. EPA Office of Water. This website contains links to the National Drinking Water Advisory Council, information about the Safe Drinking Water Act, and FAQs about drinking water contaminants and wells. - Guide to Finding Water-Related Materials. Water Resources Institute Library. University of Wisconsin-Madison. A guide to locating Wisconsin and federal water laws and programs, databases, professional organizations, technical journals, books, and other information regarding water resources. - Save America's Water. A national website committed to helping local citizens groups prevent water bottling companies from threatening community water supplies. This site includes links to organizing efforts in seven states, relevant litigation and legislation, and news stories from around the country. - Water Resources of Wisconsin. United States Geological Service. Search the statewide groundwater levels and groundwater quality databases through this website that also contains links to general water resource information, projects and studies, publications, and educational sites. - Wisconsin Groundwater Coordinating Council. This site offers a gateway to many state and national groundwater websites, plus links to the Wisconsin Groundwater Summit (October 2001).

Sites Sponsored by Local Environmental Groups

The following groups are working to prevent Perrier Water Company from drilling high capacity wells in Wisconsin. Their sites feature links to recent news articles about the Perrier well issue and responses from the DNR.

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