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School Nutrition

Compiled by Marian G. Rogers, September 2006

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Obesity is a problem nationwide. Many experts agree that teaching children proper nutrition and exercise practices will help ensure a healthier population in the future. Classroom instruction, changes to school meal programs, and restrictions on sale of competitive foods in schools are methods used to help children develop healthy eating habits.

"Adding Vegetarian Options into School Lunch Programs" / Nancy Berkoff, Vegetarian Resource Group, Foodservice Update, Summer 2006, v.12, no.2-3. www.vrg.org/fsupdate/fsu20062/fsu20062_schoollunch.htm

[Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act of 2004] / School Nutrition Association. Public Law 108-264 (June 30, 2004) ensures integrity of the federal programs and enhances the emphasis on healthy eating. This site provides links to text of the legislation, information and implementation, and a section-by-section analysis by the Congressional Research Service. www.schoolnutrition.org/Index.aspx?id=1079

Childhood Obesity / Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau. 2005. (Wisconsin Brief 05-7) (347.17/W7k1) One solution is regulating food sales and advertising in schools. www.legis.wisconsin.gov/lrb/pubs/wb/05wb7.pdf

Childhood Obesity: 2005 Update and Overview of Policy Options / National Conference of State Legislatures. Updated January 5, 2006. (374.34/N21d) www.ncsl.org/programs/health/ChildhoodObesity-2005.htm

Competitive Foods and Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value: Fostering Nutrition Integrity in A La Carte Sales and Other Foods Available at School / Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Revised November 2002. (373.13/W7c) Competitive foods are foods offered at school other than meals served through school meal programs. http://dpi.wi.gov/fns/doc/competitivefds.doc

Eat Smart - Farm Fresh! A Guide to Buying and Serving Locally-Grown Produce in School Meals / U.S. Food and Nutrition Service. Working draft, December 2005. (373.13/X9) www.fns.usda.gov/cnd/Guidance/Farm-to-School-Guidance_12-19-2005.pdf

"Feeding the Children: The Politics of Food in Our Schools and Classrooms" / Rethinking Schools, Summer 2006, v.20, no.4. (373.13/R31) Explores "... the messages our students are getting from the ... cafeteria, the vending machines, the barrage of advertisements, and the ... classroom."-Page 5 www.rethinkingschools.org/archive/20_04/feed204.shtml

Fitness, Food and Finding Solutions: Approaches to Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity Treatment / National Conference of State Legislatures. January 2006. (614/N21f) Includes a table listing school nutrition legislation in the states, 2005.

"Healthy School Lunches: [2001-2006] Report Cards" / Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. The 2004 Report Card cites Central Alternative High School in Appleton, Wisconsin, as a school whose commitment to healthy menu options has shown outstanding results. www.healthyschoollunches.org/reports/index.html

"New Guidelines on Beverages for Sale in Schools" / National Association of State Boards of Education, Policy Update, July 2006, v.14, no.7. Summary of the May 2006 voluntary industry agreement to limit portion sizes and reduce the number of calories available to children during the school day. www.nasbe.org/new_resources_section/policy_updates/Beverage%20agreement%20update.pdf

Preventing Obesity in Youth through School-Based Efforts / National Governors' Association, Center for Best Practices. February 4, 2003. (374.34/N211) www.nga.org/Files/pdf/022603PREVENTING.pdf

Promoting Healthy Lifestyles: What Roles Do Our Schools Play? / Appleton (Wis.) Area School District. [2004?]. (373.13/Ap5) http://aasd.k12.wi.us/aca/default.htm (enter and click "Nutrition")

"The Role of Schools in Obesity Prevention" / Mary Story [et al.], The Future of Children, Spring 2006, v.16, no.1, p.109-142. (374.34/St7) www.futureofchildren.org/usr_doc/06_5562_story-school.pdf

School-Based Prevention and Treatment of Childhood Obesity / National Conference of State Legislatures, Forum for State Health Policy Leadership. 2003. (374.34/N21c)

School Foods Report Card: A State-by-State Evaluation of Policies for Foods and Beverages Sold Through Vending Machines, School Stores, A La Carte, and Other Venues ... / Center for Science in the Public Interest. June 2006. (373.13/C33) http://cspinet.org/new/pdf/school_foods_report_card.pdf

"The School Lunch Test" / Lisa Belkin, The New York Times Magazine, August 20, 2006, p.30+. (373.13/B41) "Schools receiving federal meal subsidies must now create wellness plans. But will replacing Tater Tots with sweet-potato fries really lead to healthier, slimmer children?"-Subtitle www.nytimes.com/pages/magazine/index.html Search phrase: "school lunch" and "lisa belkin"

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Trends and Policy Solutions in Youth Obesity: Tool Kit / Council of State Governments. [2005?]. (374.34/C83a) www.csg.org/pubs/Documents/ToolKit05YouthObesity.pdf

2004 =Wisconsin School Health Education Profile Report: School Health-Related Policies and Practices / Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. March 2005. (374.34/W7c1) http://dpi.wi.gov/sspw/shepindex.html

Vending Machines in Schools / National Conference of State Legislatures. Current as of March 1, 2005. (373.13/N21) www.ncsl.org/programs/health/vending.htm

What's Right for Kids: Improving the School Nutrition Environment / Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. 2003. (373.13/W7d/pt.1/2003) http://dpi.wi.gov/fscp/pdf/tnbooklt.pdf

"Wisconsin Schools Join Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program" / Wisconsin Departments of Public Instruction & Health and Family Services, Press Release, February 28, 2006. Brief description of the program and a list of participating school districts statewide. www.dpi.state.wi.us/eis/pdf/dpi2006_26.pdf

Related Web Sites

http://healthiergeneration.org - Alliance for a Healthier Generation. A joint initiative of the American Heart Association and the William J. Clinton Foundation whose focus is to fight childhood obesity by making changes in the quality of nutrition and access to physical activity for the nation's youth. Kids' page: http://healthiergeneration.org/kids

www.ameribev.org - American Beverage Association. In partnership with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, this site provides information on the new beverage policy to provide lower-calorie and more nutritious beverages in schools.

www.americanheart.org/presenter.jhtml?identifier=1477 - American Heart Association, "Children's Health."

www.ecoliteracy.org/programs/rsl.html - Center for Ecoliteracy, "Rethinking School Lunch." The program "... uses a systems approach to address the crisis in childhood obesity, provide nutrition education, and teach ecological knowledge."

www.foodsecurity.org/farm_to_school.html - Community Food Security Coalition, "Farm to School Program." Partners local farmers with nearby schools to provide nutritious, fresh produce for students and an additional source of income for farmers.

www.healthystates.csg.org - Council of State Governments, "Healthy States: CSG's Partnership to Promote Public Health."

www.soyfoodsillinois.uiuc.edu/iSoy.html - Illinois Center for Soy Foods, "iSoy." A program to test use of soy in school lunches.

www.nasbe.org/HealthySchools/resources_links/Health_Eating.html - National Association of State Boards of Education, "Healthy Schools: Resources and Links."

www.schoolnutrition.org - School Nutrition Association.

www.cdc.gov/HealthyYouth/overweight/index.htm - U.S. Centers for Disease Control, "Healthy Youth! Childhood Overweight." Includes links to SHPPS, "School Health Policies and Programs Study."

www.cdc.gov/HealthyYouth/nutrition/index.htm - U.S. Centers for Disease Control, "Healthy Youth! Nutrition."

www.nal.usda.gov/fnic/about.shtml - U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), "Food and Nutrition Information Center."

http://mypyramid.gov - USDA, "My Pyramid: Steps to a Healthier You." A 2005 revision to guidelines established in 1992. Links to a child-friendly version for teachers and children: http://mypyramid.gov/kids/index.html

http://healthymeals.nal.usda.gov/nal_display/index.php?info_center=14&tax_level=2&tax_subject=229&topic_id=1460 - USDA, "Resource Library: State Developed Materials." Full-text links to school nutrition programs in various states.

www.fns.usda.gov/cnd - U.S. Food and Nutrition Service, "School Meals." Links to information on the national school lunch, breakfast, and special milk programs.

http://dpi.wi.gov/ne/tninitiative.html - Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, "Team Nutrition Website: Focusing on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2000."

http://dpi.wi.gov/fns - Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, "Wisconsin Child Nutrition Programs & On-Line Services."

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