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Wisconsin Authors

Compiled by Marian G. Rogers, July 2004

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This bibliography features a selection of publications by Wisconsin authors (both past and present). It is not a definitive list of authors, but is a sample of items held in the Theobald Legislative Library. This list focuses on nonfiction trade publications, therefore many fine works by fiction authors and by Wisconsin state and local government employees are not featured.

Donoghue, James R. Local Government in Wisconsin, 1979. (352/W7f) An overview of the framework and function of local government. Reprint of 1979 Wisconsin Blue Book feature article.

Dott, Robert H., Jr. and John W. Attig. Roadside Geology of Wisconsin, 2004. (977.56/D74) Unique road guide to Wisconsin geology enriched with maps, photographs, and other illustrations.

Durbin, Richard D. The Wisconsin River: An Odyssey Through Time and Space, 1997. (622.24/D93) “This book is a comprehensive account of the river’s natural history and its place in the evolution of the Badger State...” — back cover.

Epstein, Leon D. Political Parties in the American Mold, 1986. (329/Ep8) Classic text on American political parties by a UW Madison Department of Political Science professor emeritus.

Gale, Zona. Best known for the novels − Birth, Faint Perfume, and Miss Lulu Bett − Gale also authored many political pieces, including “Why I Shall Vote for Senator Robert M. La Follette” [microfiche], 1922 (329.81/G13) and “The Status of Wisconsin Women Under the Equal Rights Law” [microfiche], 1922 (347.22/G13).

Gurda, John. The Making of Milwaukee, 1999. (352.184/G96) The first full-length history of Milwaukee since Bayrd Still’s 1948 work, Milwaukee: the History of a City (352.184/W7b).

Klement, Frank L. Wisconsin in the Civil War: The Home Front and the Battle Front, 1861-1865, 1997. (HistS/w) (noncirculating) A vivid narrative of Wisconsin’s role in the Civil War. Includes photos, maps, a bibliography, and a comprehensive index.

La Follette, Robert M. La Follette’s Autobiography: A Personal Narrative of Political Experiences, 1960. (329.81/L13a) A paperback reprint of the original 1911 book. A personal account of his political life, philosophy, and the progressive movement.

Leopold, Aldo. Game Management, 1986. (799/L55) First published in 1933, this book is a classic on wildlife management. Also, A Sand County Almanac and Sketches Here and There, 1949. (622/L55) A book of nature essays.

Loew, Patty. Indian Nations of Wisconsin: Histories of Endurance and Renewal, 2001. (353.25/L82) Lavishly illustrated, readable history of Wisconsin’s rich native heritage.

Loftus, Tom. The Art of Legislative Politics, 1994. (328.11/L82) The author served in the Wisconsin Legislature for 14 years. “The book combines a personal account of what it is really like to be a state representative ... with an insightful perspective on issues and problems that are universal to state legislatures ...” — back cover.

Maraniss, David. They Marched into Sunlight: War and Peace, Vietnam and America, October 1967, 2003. (377.41/M32) Connects the Vietnam battle front, U.S. foreign policy, and antiwar protests (especially at UW-Madison) into a powerful narrative.

McCabe, Robert A. Aldo Leopold, the Professor, 1987. (622/M12) The author was a protege during Leopold’s tenure at the UW-Madison Department of Wildlife Management. This is “... an anthology of reminiscences of The Professor as an educator, scientist, thinker, writer and character exemplar.” — book jacket.

McCarthy, Charles. The Wisconsin Idea, 1912. (354/W7m) Written by the chief of the nation’s first Legislative Reference Library (Wisconsin’s Legislative Reference Bureau), this is an early work on the legislative process and the interaction between the State and the University of Wisconsin. www.library.wisc.edu/etext/WIReader/Contents/Idea.html

Meine, Curt (editor)/Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters. Wisconsin’s Waters: A Confluence of Perspectives, 2003. (622.2/W753a) A product of the Academy’s Waters of Wisconsin initiative.

Mollenhoff, David V. Madison, A History of the Formative Years, 2nd ed., 2003. (352.183/M73) Considered by some to be the definitive history of Madison, this second edition contains many revisions and has been updated with new photos and maps.

Muir, John. The Wild Muir: Twenty-Two of John Muir’s Greatest Adventures, 1994. (622/Yo8) A carefully selected chronological collection compiled by the Yosemite Association.

Nelson, Gaylord. Beyond Earth Day: Fulfilling the Promise, 2002. (623/N33) This former Wisconsin governor and the creator of Earth Day details today’s crucial environmental concerns.

Nesbit, Robert C. Wisconsin: A History, 2nd ed., revised and updated by William F. Thompson, 1989. (Ref./977.5/W7s) (noncirculating)

Pifer, Richard L. A City at War: Milwaukee Labor During World War II, 2003. (338.13/P62) This book is “...a complex view of the home front and the way Americans responded to the most significant war of the twentieth century.” — book jacket

Rajer, Anton. Public Sculpture in Wisconsin: An Atlas of Outdoor Monuments, Memorials, & Masterpieces in the Badger State, 1999. (352.585/R13) Illustrated inventory of sculpture, Native American effigy mounds, and other artistic pieces.

Raushenbush, Paul A. and Elizabeth Brandeis Raushenbush. Our “U.C.” Story: 1930-1967, 1979. (369.64/R19) A published manuscript of the authors’ work on Wisconsin’s landmark unemployment compensation law (1930-1932), and “ ... is largely based on tape-recorded ‘oral history’ interviews ... ” — page vii. Includes articles, reports, and testimony (both federal and state).

Reaves, Shiela. Wisconsin: Pathways to Prosperity, 1988. (977.5/R23) Wisconsin history narrative enhanced by over 250 photographs.

Reuss, Henry S. On the Trail of the Ice Age, 1981. (336.48/R31) A celebration of the successful push to establish the Ice Age Trail.

Risjord, Norman K. Wisconsin: The Story of the Badger State − A Popular History, Including Travelers’ Guides to Historic Destinations, 1995. (977.5/R49) Readable history of Wisconsin from glacier age, through Civil War, the Robert M. La Follette era, to modern day. Each chapter contains useful travel guides.

Roessler, Carol. Politicians Say the Dumbest Things, 1999. (320/R62) Written by a veteran Wisconsin legislator, this book is “ ... designed to show that even politicians who intend to say what they mean ... don’t always mean what they say.” — page iii.

Rosholt, Margaret and Malcolm. The Story of Old Abe, 1987. (977.5/R73a) 1984 winner of the Award of Merit in Children’s Literature from the State Historical Society of Wisconsin. This book is part fact/part fiction and follows the story line of Zeitlin’s Old Abe the War Eagle.

Stark, Jack. The Wisconsin State Constitution: A Reference Guide, 1997. (342.32/St2) A study of the Wisconsin Constitution. Contains a bibliography, table of cases, and a subject index.

Theobald, H. Rupert. Equal Representation: A Study of Legislative and Congressional Apportionment in Wisconsin, 1970. (328.135/W7a) The author served as chief of the Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau for 30 years, retiring in 1994. Reprint of 1970 Wisconsin Blue Book feature article.

Thompson, Tommy G. Power to the People: An American State At Work, 1996. (354.4/T37) This book tells the story of Wisconsin government as an agent of change. During Thompson’s term as governor, the state implemented many landmark programs.

Turner, Frederick Jackson. The Early Writings of Frederick Jackson Turner, With a List of All His Works, compiled by Everett E. Edwards, 1938. (977.5/T85) A compilation of rare, early essays of a celebrated American historian.

Visser, Kristin. Frank Lloyd Wright and the Prairie School in Wisconsin: An Architectural Touring Guide, 1994. (389.611/V82) This “ ... is the first comprehensive guide to the Wisconsin buildings of Frank Lloyd Wright ... ” — back cover.

Weber, Ronald E. (editor). Crane and Hagensick’s Wisconsin Government and Politics, 8th ed., 2004. (Ref./354/W7d/2004) (noncirculating) Revised edition of the classic text on Wisconsin government. (Library has circulating copies of earlier editions.)

The Wisconsin Cartographers’ Guild. Wisconsin’s Past and Present: A Historical Atlas, 1998. (977.5/W759) This atlas, the first produced since 1878, “...features historical and geographical data, including full-color maps, descriptive text, photos, and illustrations.” — book jacket

Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau. “Wisconsin Writers: Featuring Authors Whose Work Was Significantly Influenced by the Times They Spent in Wisconsin.” By Jack Stark, 1977 Wisconsin Blue Book feature article, p. 95-184 (328.3/W7c/1977) Featured writers include: August Derleth, Zona Gale, Hamlin Garland, Horace Gregory, Aldo Leopold, Ben Logan, John Muir, Mark Schorer, and Glenway Wescott.

Wright, Frank Lloyd. The Living City, 1970. (352.58/W93) This publication on city planning and social problems was Wright’s last book. He considered it to be his most important work.

Zeitlin, Richard H. Old Abe the War Eagle: A True Story of the Civil War and Reconstruction, 1986. (Ref./977.5/Ze3) (noncirculating)

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