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Executive Budget Support Documentation

Compiled by Patricia Reichert, Updated February 2011

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Using the 2009-11 executive budget, 2009 Wisconsin Act 28 (AB-75), as an example, the following bibliography lists documents published by various agencies during the budget process in the order they are issued; similar documentation will be issued for the 2011-13 budget cycle. The documents from the 2009-11 session are substantially the same as those from the last several sessions and therefore are representative. Also included are selected state agency budget requests for 2011-13.

State Agency Requests and Reports

Additional biennial budget requests are available in the LRB Library's Wisconsin Documents collection.

Agency Budget Request 2011-2013 Biennium / Wisconsin Department of Administration. September 15, 2010. www.doa.state.wi.us/docview.asp?docid=8272&locid=0

Agency Budget Request 2011-2013 Biennium / Wisconsin Department of Children and Families. September 15, 2010. http://dcf.wi.gov/biennial_budget_request/default.htm

Biennial Budget Request 2011-2013 / Wisconsin Department of Health Services. September 15, 2010. www.dhs.wi.gov/aboutdhs/20112013biennialbudget.pdf

2011-2013 Biennial Budget Proposal / Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources / September 2010. http://dnr.wi.gov/aboutdnr/PDF/2011-13_Biennial%20Budget.pdf

2011-2013 Biennial Budget Request: Decision Item Narratives and Statutory Language / Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. November 15, 2010. http://dpi.wi.gov/pb/pdf/fairfunding.pdf

Summary of Tax Exemption Devices / Wisconsin Department of Revenue, Division of Research and Policy. February 2009. (336.121/W7p/2009-11) Explains current tax law provisions that decrease state revenue by exempting certain persons, income, goods, or property from the impact of established taxes. www.dor.state.wi.us/ra/09sumrpt.pdf

Agency Budget Request 2011-2013 Biennium / Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development. September 15, 2010. http://dwd.wisconsin.gov/dwd/biennial/2011_2013.pdf


Budget Message / Wisconsin Governor. February 2009. (336.121/W7f/2009-11) Text of the governor's address to the legislature when introducing the executive budget. Broadcast available at www.doa.state.wi.us/debf/execbudget.asp

Budget in Brief / Wisconsin Governor. February 2009. (336.121/W7f5/2009-11) Overview of the governor's revenue and expenditure priorities and serves as the state's fiscal plan.

[Veto Message 2009 Wisconsin Act 28 (AB 75)] / Wisconsin Governor. June 29, 2009. Reviews every vetoed budget item. www.doa.state.wi.us/debf/pdf_files/2009-11VetoMessage.pdf

Department of Administration

Manual For the Preparation of Capital Budget Requests / Wisconsin Department of Administration, Division of State Facilities. January 2010. (336.121/W7o/2011-13) Policies, procedures, and guidelines to assist agencies. http://doa.wi.gov/docview.asp?docid=8031&locid=4

Capital Budget Cost Estimating Guidelines / Wisconsin Department of Administration, Division of State Facilities. January 26, 2010. (336.5/W7n/2011-13) www.doa.wi.gov/docview.asp?docid=8048&locid=4

Capital Budget Recommendations: A Report to the Wisconsin Legislature / Wisconsin State Building Commission. April 2009. (336.5/W7f1/2009-11) Recommends a building program for the next two fiscal years after a review of state agency requests. http://doa.wi.gov/docview.asp?docid=7578&locid=4

Agency Budget Requests and Revenue Estimates / Wisconsin Division of Executive Budget and Finance. November 20, 2010. (336.121/W7h5/2012-13) Also known as the "November 20th Report." A summary of agency budget requests for the next two fiscal years and Department of Revenue's general purpose tax review estimates for the current and next two fiscal years. www.doa.state.wi.us/docview.asp?docid=8371&locid=166

Executive Budget / Wisconsin Division of Executive Budget and Finance. February 2009. (336.121/W7h6/2009-11) This document is broken down into introduction, agency summary, and individual agencies on the Web. www.doa.state.wi.us/debf/execbudget.asp

Legislative Fiscal Bureau

"State Budget Process" / Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau, Informational Paper, January 2011, no.75. (336.121/W7g1) "[D]esigned to provide a layperson's introduction to the process... The use of technical details and language has been limited." - from Introduction. www.legis.state.wi.us/lfb/InformationalPapers/75_state%20budget%20process.pdf

2011-13 Wisconsin State Budget: Overview of State Agency Major Request Items / Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau. December 2010. (336.121/W7a/2011-13) Highlights major changes that have been requested; generally, those that exceed $250,000 or represent a major policy change.

Summary of Governor's Budget Recommendations / Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau. March 2009. (336.121/W7g3/ 2009-11) Overview section with several "summary" tables followed by agency summaries. http://legis.wisconsin.gov/lfb/2009-11Budget/Governor/tableofcontents.htm

2009-11 Budget Papers / Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau. (LFB/b/2009-11/v.1-4) (library use only) Prepared to assist JCF during deliberations of the state budget and coincide with the meetings. http://legis.wisconsin.gov/lfb/2009-11Budget/Budget%20Papers/Cumulative.htm

2009-11 Wisconsin State Budget: Comparative Summary of Budget Recommendations. Governor and Joint Committee on Finance / Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau. June 2009. (336.121/W7g4/2009-11) http://legis.wisconsin.gov/lfb/2009-11Budget/JFC/tableofcontents.htm

Comparative Summary, 2009-11 Budget Provisions of the Assembly and Senate / Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau. June 18, 2009. (336.121/W7q9) Comparative summary of changes made by each house to the Joint Committee on Finance recommendations. http://legis.wisconsin.gov/lfb/2009-11Budget/2009_06_18Assembly_Senate.pdf

2009-11 Wisconsin State Budget: Comparative Summary of Recommendations, Assembly, Senate, and Conference Committee Changes to Joint Committee on Finance / Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau. June 25, 2009. (336.121/W7L8) If the Senate and Assembly cannot agree, the budget goes to a Committee of Conference. This summary compares the versions of the budget adopted by each house with the Committee of Conference recommendations. http://legis.wisconsin.gov/lfb/2009-11Budget/2009_06_25Conf%20Comm.pdf

2009-11 State Budget: Summary Table and Charts. 2009 Wisconsin Act 28 / Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau. July 22, 2009. (336.121/W7r1) http://legis.wi.gov/lfb/2009-11Budget/Act%2028/2009_07_22_2009-11%20Budget%20Summary%20information%20(act%2028).pdf

2009-11 Wisconsin State Budget: Comparative Summary of Budget Recommendations, 2009 Act 28 / Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau. August 2008. (336.121/W7L9/2009-11/pt.1-2)

Legislative Reference Bureau

Budget Index Report: Guide to the Governor's Executive Budget Bill / Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau. March 2009. (Electronic format only) The budget is composed of hundreds of individual bill drafts. This guide enables you to identify and locate bill sections in the budget from the same individual draft. www.legis.wi.gov/lrb/pubs/budindex.htm

"Executive Budget Bills Enacted by the Wisconsin Legislature, 1931-2007" / Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau, Wisconsin Briefs, October 2007, no.07-8. (336.121/W7e7) Summary of the biennial budget process and a chart of executive budget bills back to 1931; annotated when necessary. www.legis.wi.gov/lrb/pubs/wb/07WB8Budget.pdf

"Executive Partial Veto of Assembly Bill 75: Executive Budget Bill Passed by the 2009 Wisconsin Legislature (2009 Wisconsin Act 28)" / Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau, Wisconsin Briefs, August 2009, no.09-5. (336.121/W7e9) Text of the governor's veto message and background of the veto process. http://legis.wi.gov/lrb/pubs/wb/09wb5.pdf (Supplement - http://legis.wi.gov/lrb/pubs/wb/09WB5-Supplement.pdf)

Recommended Web Sites

University of Wisconsin System, Office of Budget and Planning: www.uwsa.edu/budplan/annualOpBudget.htm Links to the annual operating budget, also known as the "Redbook."

Wisconsin Department of Administration: http://doa.wi.gov/section_detail.asp?linkcatid=623&linkid=67&locid=3&sname= "Biennial Budget Info." Includes 2001-03 to 2009-11 budgets.

Wisconsin Governor: www.wisgov.state.wi.us Watch this site for press releases and speeches related to the budget.

Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau: www.legis.wi.gov/lfb/jfc.html Prepares papers to assist the Joint Committee on Finance on budget deliberations, other legislation, and requests under s.13.10 of the statutes.

Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau: www.legis.wisconsin.gov/lrb/pubs/budbrief.htm Budget Briefs. Two-page summaries of selected items in executive budgets.

Legislative Reference Bureau

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