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2013-2014 Wisconsin Blue Book
2011-2012 Wisconsin Blue Book
2009-2010 Wisconsin Blue Book
2007-2008 Wisconsin Blue Book
2005-2006 Wisconsin Blue Book
2003-2004 Wisconsin Blue Book
2001-2002 Wisconsin Blue Book
1999-2000 Wisconsin Blue Book
1997-1998 Wisconsin Blue Book
1995-1996 Wisconsin Blue Book
All prior editions of the Wisconsin Blue Book: search or browse the Wisconsin Blue Book series (1853 through 2003-2004 editions) at the University of Wisconsin Digital Collections


Wisconsin Songs and Ballad

Feature Articles

2013-2014 Feature Article The Wisconsin Historical Society: Collecting, Preserving, and Sharing Stories Since 1846
2011-2012 Feature Article Progressivism Triumphant: The 1911 Wisconsin Legislature
2009-2010 Feature Article Wisconsin at the Frontiers of Astronomy
2007-2008 Feature Article Those Who Served: Wisconsin Legislators 1848-2007
2005-2006 Feature Article The Wisconsin Court System: Demystifying the Judicial Branch
2003-2004 Feature Article Wisconsin's People
2001-2002 Feature Article Restoring the Vision: Capital Restoration
1999-2000 Feature Article Ten Events That Shaped Wisconsin
1997-1998 Feature Article Wisconsin Local Government
1995-1996 Feature Article The Wisconsin Idea
1993-1994 Feature Article The Legislative Process in Wisconsin
1991-1992 Feature Article A History of the Property Tax and Property Tax Relief in Wisconsin
1983-1984 Feature Article Capitals and Capitols in Early Wisconsin

Study Guides

Study Guide to the 2013-2014 Blue Book September 2013
Inside the 2013-2014 Wisconsin Blue Book September 2013
Study Guide to the 2011-2012 Blue Book October 2011
Inside the 2011-2012 Wisconsin Blue Book October 2011
A Study Guide to the 2009-2010 Wisconsin Blue Book September 2009
Inside the 2009-2010 Wisconsin Blue Book September 2009
A Study Guide to the 2007-2008 Wisconsin Blue Book October 2007
Inside the 2007-2008 Wisconsin Blue Book October 2007
A Study Guide to the 2005-2006 Wisconsin Blue Book October 2005
Inside the 2005-2006 Wisconsin Blue Book October 2005
A Study Guide to the 2003-2004 Wisconsin Blue Book November 2003
Inside the 2003-2004 Wisconsin Blue Book November 2003
A Study Guide to the 2001-2002 Wisconsin Blue Book December 2001

To order a Blue Book:

Sales of the Wisconsin Blue Book are handled by the Department of Administration's Document Sales and Distribution Unit. The price for the 2013-2014 edition is $7.25 without shipping and $10.15 with shipping. State legislators are provided with complimentary copies to give to their constituents. You may contact your state senator or representative to ask about receiving one.

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