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State law requires the LRB to collect information about government and make it available in the most suitable form to aid “legislators, other public officials, students of government and citizens generally.” It directs the LRB to use its materials to prepare publications that are or may become items of concern to the legislature. Some studies and reports are prepared at the suggestion of individual legislators, legislative interim committees, or administrative agencies. Other topics are chosen by the LRB staff.

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Wisconsin Blue Book

The State of Wisconsin Blue Book is the primary one-volume reference source about the state, documenting the organization of the state’s three branches of government (legislative, executive, and judicial). The Legislative Reference Bureau has produced the Blue Book, published biennially, since 1931.

Audio and Video Productions

Oral History Project - Video interviews with former legislators and legislative staff.

Podcasts - Audio discussions with LRB staff on current issues.

Tutorials - Online tutorials provided by LRB staff for use in legislative research.

Informational Reports

Reports fall into three categories: Briefs are concise summaries about subjects of immediate interest; Informational Bulletins and Memorandums are comprehensive reports dependent on secondary sources; and Research Bulletins are in-depth reports on public policy issues and legislation pertinent to Wisconsin.

Legislative Briefs - Two-page summaries of significant non-budget related Acts.

Wisconsin Briefs - Concise reports on public policy issues of interest to the legislature.

Informational Bulletins - Comprehensive reports on public policy issues, and the special publications “Ask the LRB” and the Blue Book study guide.

Informational Memorandums - Memorandums on miscellaneous legislative topics, from legislative voting records to the Wisconsin Idea.

Research Bulletins - Summaries of legislation and in-depth publications on various public policy issues.

Executive Budget Publications

Budget Briefs - Two-page summaries of selected provisions in the biennial executive budgets.

Budget Index - Comprehensive guide to identify and local bill sections in the budget that originated from the same component draft.

Publications from the LRB Library

Index to the Bulletin of Proceedings - Available at the Legislative Documents site in the box titled "Bulletin of Proceedings Indices". A complete listing by primary authors and cosponsors or by subject for all bills, joint resolutions, and resolutions introduced during a legislative session. For more information on what’s available in the index, see What’s In the Index.

Essential Resources for Legislators - A series of brief bibliographies, updated every session, listing core LRB Library resources.

Recent Acquisitions - A monthly list of selected material recently added to the library collection.

Subject Index to Executive Orders - Cumulative index of executive orders, last updated January 9, 2014.

Tap the Power - Annotated bibliographies on public policy issues; issued monthly.

Special Series

Constitutional Highlights - Summaries of constitutional issues of interest to lawmakers.

Governing Wisconsin - A series of brief discussions of how government works in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin at a Glance - Informational maps about Wisconsin.

Publications about the LRB

Reports to the Legislature - A summary report of LRB activities produced for the state legislature.

The Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau: A Century of Service - A publication about the history and functions of the Legislative Reference Bureau.

Special Publications

The Wisconsin Scorecard - A compendium of 50-state rankings comparing Wisconsin to other states.

Census Data Publications - Statistics from the U.S. Census.

Wisconsin 2013 - A full-color pamphlet about Wisconsin.


State-themed color photos by LRB staff for desktop computer backgrounds.

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