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LRB Publications

Wisconsin Blue Book

The State of Wisconsin Blue Book is the primary one-volume reference source about the state.

Audio and Video

Oral History Project - Video interviews with former legislators and legislative staff.

Tutorials - Online tutorials provided by LRB staff for use in legislative research.

Briefs, Bulletins & Reports

Wisconsin Briefs - Concise reports on public policy issues of interest to the legislature.

Informational Bulletins - Comprehensive reports on public policy issues, and special publications.

Informational Memorandums - Memorandums on miscellaneous legislative topics.

Legislative District Almanac - Find previous versions here.

The Legislative Process - Research Bulletin 14-2.

Recent Acquisitions - A monthly list of selected material recently added to the library collection.

Summaries of Legislation - From most recent session to 1995.

Tap the Power - Annotated bibliographies on public policy issues; issued monthly.


Index to the Bulletin of Proceedings - Available at the Legislative Documents site in the box titled "Bulletin of Proceedings Indices". For information on what’s available in the index, see What’s In the Index.

Budget Index - Comprehensive guide to identify and locate bill sections in the budget.

Subject Index to Executive Orders - Cumulative index of executive orders, last updated December 30, 2014.

Special Publications

Census Data Publications - Statistics from the U.S. Census.

A Century of Service - A publication about the history and functions of the Legislative Reference Bureau.

Constitutional Highlights - Summaries of constitutional issues of interest to lawmakers.

Essential Resources for Legislators - Brief bibliographies listing core library resources.

Governing Wisconsin - A series of brief discussions of how government works in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin at a Glance - Informational maps about Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Scorecard - A compendium of 50-state rankings comparing Wisconsin to other states.

Wisconsin 2013 - A full-color pamphlet about Wisconsin.

*Series that have been discontinued are still available through the search function.

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