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December 23

Bipartisan lawmaker duo seek support for bill to make fraud against WEDC a felony - WSJ

Bill seeks to prevent Christmas tree bans - MJS

Bill would ensure churches could use real Christmas trees - WSJ

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Wisconsin Democrats push to make marriage statutes gender-neutral - CT

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Cost estimates would be required for criminal penalty proposals under bill - Wisconsin Public Radio

Gwen Moore, state lawmakers call for action on Lincoln Hills - MJS

Lawmaker wants to replace Lincoln Hills with small, regional facilities - Wisconsin Public Radio

Proposed UW System policies would govern faculty layoffs - MJS

UW police chief condemns Republican’s pro-gun response to Madison shooting - Wisconsin Public Radio

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Virginia to stop recognizing concealed gun permits from 25 states - NYT

Frac sand instability presents problems for towns - LT

Arena funding moving forward in 2015, with construction next on the agenda - MBJ

December 22

Wisconsin lawmakers clash on gun policy after mall shooting - MJS

GOP lawmaker on concealed carry: ‘Law-abiding citizens can help clean our society of these scumbags’ - WSJ

In Missouri, fewer gun restrictions and more gun killings - NYT

Members of Scott Walker’s cabinet dispute accounts of public records instructions - CT

Liberal group alleges Justice Rebecca Bradley skirted Wisconsin open records law - CT

Democrat bill seeks to restore UW System shared governance - MJS

Legislation would restore shared governance at UW to former status - CT

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SeniorCare prescription drug program receives federal renewal - MJS

Health care disparities persist across state, report finds - Wisconsin Public Radio

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One third of wells in Kewaunee County unsafe for drinking water - MJS

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December 21

Former cabinet members: Top Scott Walker aide ordered them to avoid state emails, phones - CT

Scott Walker insists his office follows open records law - MJS

Wisconsin Public Records Board: ‘We are not vacating’ decision on transitory records - CT

Bill would require Wisconsin state agencies to submit smaller budget requests - CT

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Public Defender’s Office questions sex offender housing bills - Wisconsin Public Radio

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Scott Walker defends handling of Lincoln Hills complaints - MJS

Whistleblower in Lincoln Hills case faces own criminal charges - MJS

State aims to cut personal care fraud; providers say move could harm patients - WSJ

Wisconsin sinks to 35th in 12-month job growth rankings for November - CT

Walker blames lack of trained workers for flagging job growth - Wisconsin Public Radio

Scott Walker: The Wisconsin comeback - MJS

Scott Walker repays state for travel costs, larger bill to come - MJS

Federal court decisions could impact Wisconsin voters in 2016, law professor says - Wisconsin Public Radio

Is Fox Valley swing region in ’16 race? - APC

Wisconsin isn’t warming to Donald Trump - MJS

Donald Trump campaign seeks GOP ballot help -- from Wisconsin Democrats - MJS

Justice Rebecca Bradley’s meetings calendars empty for 2 ½ years - MJS

Chisholm, two other DAs seek to move John Doe to U.S. Supreme Court - MJS

Three district attorneys seek to intervene in John Doe court case - WSJ

Prosecutors file motion to intervene in Walker probe - RJT