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November 25

Republicans propose term limits for Wisconsin lawmakers - WSJ

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Families make the case for marijuana oil at state capitol - Wisconsin Public Radio

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Attorney: State abortion law won’t be enforced ‘for a long time, if ever’ - CT

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$5.2 million grant targets student achievement gaps - MJS

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Madison teachers in show of unity vote overwhelmingly to recertify union - WSJ

UW-Madison 4th nationally in research spending despite shrinking revenue - CT

Wisconsin faith leaders call on Scott Walker to reverse position on Syrian refugees - CT

Following Scott Walker’s rejection of Syrian refugees, Madison officials extend a welcome - CT

Court: Wisconsin man can legally possess switchblade in home - WSJ

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Scientists disagree with colleagues on delisting gray wolves - MJS

Kentucky governor restores voting rights to thousands of felons - NYT

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November 24

Judges: Wisconsin abortion admitting privileges law unconstitutional - MJS

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Appeals court backs rejection of abortion doctor admitting law - WSJ

Planned Parenthood sues Texas in dispute over funding for clinics - NYT

Poll: Nearly half of state voters oppose a ban on fetal tissue research - CT

Prison guard shortage forces new overtime policy - MJS

Prison staff shortage spikes overtime - APC

New deer registration system bogs down during peak stretch - MJS

Bill calls for air monitoring at frac sand sites - Wisconsin Public Radio

Embattled jobs agency hires 6th CFO in 4 years - Wisconsin Public Radio

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Wisconsin faith leaders call on Scott Walker to reverse position on Syrian refugees - CT

November 23

Wisconsin’s position again inflated in tax ranking - MJS

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Club for Growth renews complaints of GAB-IRS ties - MJS

GAB chief inquired with IRS about campaign coordination - WSJ

GAB Chief: Replacing board in June ‘irresponsible, if not reckless’ - WSJ

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Wisconsin Legislature focuses on reporting school crime data - WSJ

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From Alzheimer’s research to summer camps, impact of UW-Madison budget cuts sting - WSJ

Alumni group asks UW-Madison parents to lobby against concealed carry on campus - WSJ

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Three justices slow to provide documents under open records law - MJS

New Wisconsin IDs ‘most secure in America’ - RJT

Calendar shows Scott Walker campaigned at length most days - MJS

Scott Walker’s calendars show state schedule flagged during presidential run - WSJ

2016’s presidential campaign dropouts: A closer look at candidates who called it quits - ABC News

Paul Ryan starts his speakership in good shape back home - MJS

Kerry responds to Walker on Syrian refugees - APC

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Massachusetts’s rejection of Common Core test signals shift in U.S. - NYT